Phantom Buster Rumi (Language: English)!

Action Game

Phantom Buster Rumi (Language: English)!

ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) A FLASH action game which features the heroine being assaulted by tentacles! As for the assault, we’ve incorporated the perfect attack system from the Captive series. Hammer, whipping, shocks, needles, burns, there are plenty of ways to make her submit. Every part of the game is animated fully at 30 frames per second! As for the finish animation, you can choose between inside and outside ejaculation. There are four good ending patterns and one bad ending pattern, for a total of five ending animations. =================================================== Exclusive interview with May!! http://eng.dlsite.com/circle/report/=/report/0034 ===================================================



Genre:Pregnancy/Impregnation,Egg Production,Pervert,Tentacle,Bestiality,Torture

Release date:Jul/18/2008


Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. I: Sex with Creatures (PC ver.)!

Anime Software

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol. I: Sex with Creatures (PC ver.)!

Girls having sex with a variety of fantasy creatures. Catgirl, angel, giant, orcs, golem, ghoul. Futanari, breast sex, and more. 6 animated scenes and 20+ CG pictures. Excellent 3D animation, with sound and music. Welcome to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!



Genre:Animalize,Bukkake,Internal Cumshot,Bestiality,Nekomimi (Cat Ears),Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Sep/28/2007


The Art of Slice of Venture – A New Start -!

CG Set / Art Book / Artbook Software

The Art of Slice of Venture - A New Start -!

You liked Slice of Venture ? Go behind the curtain with this Artbook of over 100 pages! Discover how every character of the game got reworked, what choices were made and for what reason. You’ll also find preparative works for every scene of the game as well as small bonuses at the end.

Circle:Blue Axolotl

Categories:Software,CG Set / Art Book / Artbook


Release date:Aug/05/2015


Orc Slave (Text: English)!

Others Software

Orc Slave (Text: English)!

Realtime 3D Orc Slave in dungeon! 8 Animations with different camera views/controls each! Includes foreplay, BJ, vaginal and anal intercourse and cumshot! Please try the demo to see if you meet system requirements! Need a shader 2.0 or higher Model graphics card and Directx 9.0c with 1Gig+ of ram.




Release date:Feb/28/2008


Bestiality Case File I!

CG Set Software

Bestiality Case File I!

Case File I: Sexy young widow Eriko f*cks her dog out of overwhelming horniness. In the end the dog impregnates her. She wants to be a mother to love puppies. Warning: bestiality, explicit cross-section views, pregnancy, birth 29 base, 58 total CG images

Circle:Zealous Ero Otoko

Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Cross-section View,Mature Woman/Milf,Pregnancy/Impregnation,Childbirth,Bestiality,Pregnant Woman

Release date:Mar/02/2013


Busty and the Beast: NTR – Kaori, Wife of the Dog!

CG+Novel / Perverted CG Collection + Novel Software

Busty and the Beast: NTR - Kaori, Wife of the Dog!

A brand new original and intense story about a beautiful busty housewife who is cheating on her husband and having bestiality with her pet dog. Kaori (40) a married woman and a housewife. She lives with her husband, Kenichi (32). They have a son, Kaito (9) and an old dog, Goldie. One day, Kenichi has to work overseas for 1 month. At first, everything fine… But later, Kaori who have very high libido start to have sexual frustration and masturbate with dildo every night. So how Kaori can have sex with Goldie, her dog ? See the story inside. How a human feel pleasure from animal penis. Total : 29 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Perverted CG Collection + Novel

Genre:Married Woman,Cheating,Cuckoldry,Bestiality

Release date:Jun/12/2017


Juukan Kagura: BESTIAL VERSUS!

CG+Novel / Bestiality Pregnancy Birth Software

Juukan Kagura: BESTIAL VERSUS!

Senr*n Kagura’s Ikar*ga is a prisoner! But not of men… Prologue -> Sex -> Animal husbandry -> Pregnancy -> Birth Includes English text only; separate machine translation ready 8 base images, 25 total, 1920×1080 size (with text), story & dialogue files (.rtf) Artist’s twitter: https://twitter.com/JADF_

Circle:80-Zoom View

Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Bestiality Pregnancy Birth


Release date:Mar/25/2016