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My name is Jay. A few years ago on a chance encounter, I met Elinor, a stunning beauty who became a friend of mine. I had always fancied her, but alas she was married. After a while, we lost touch with each other. But unexpectedly, I met her again on the street. We talked for a bit before she invited me back to her place for some coffee. From there, she told me something I didn’t expect to hear…. 54 images with text / 54 images without text


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Boy,Mature Woman/Milf,Married Woman,Romance,Romance,Romance,Hentai,Virgin/Intact Male

Release date:Apr/18/2017


P.S.S.(pet shop street)!

Digital Comic Software

P.S.S.(pet shop street)!

P.S.S.(pet shop street) The street for pet shop, you can buy the pet to sex whit you


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Boy,Yaoi,Blowjob,Anal,Nekomimi (Cat Ears)

Release date:Oct/22/2012


Mixed Fight! Humiliating Sumo Wrestling Competition [English Version]!

Doujinshi Manga

Mixed Fight! Humiliating Sumo Wrestling Competition [English Version]!

A female teacher thought about raising a strong man. It was men and women to fight in sumo wrestling. When men lose, they are told that punishment will come down and they are desperate. That punishment is to take off the scoop when losing. Will they be ashamed in front of many women? Certainly their fate! What? 21 pages Females do not undress, since this is CFNM work.

Circle:dokusai switch



Release date:Oct/17/2017


Little Peter’s Smart Ass!

Digital Comic / Yaoi Shota Crime Thriller Manga Software

Little Peter's Smart Ass!

This is my greatest comic project so far! First, I wanted to make a film out of that story, but it wasn’t easy to find the right cast for it. So I decided to make a comic out of it instead, which took me almost 6 weeks to create all scenarios and scenes. This is not just an adult comic where boys f*ck each other. Little Peter’s Smart Ass is a crime story and thriller too! Since Little Peter has moved into the new house, he seems dogged by bad luck: first he has to stay in bed for days because of a flu, and then his best friend is stealing something from him, which will not be without consequences. As Jonathan is in Little Peter’s room by himself he takes a story from Peter he want to use as essay in school, but at this moment he has no idea why this story is so different from all the others Peter is writing and telling … And the new friend of Little Peter’s mother seems to want to keep a dark secret, and Peter learns more about this man than he can handle. Some day, Little Peter observes a murder in his town … but what has his mother’s new boyfriend to do with it? Little Peter has the strange feeling, that Dale is involved in something real bad … Little Peter’s Big Adventure (adult version) will follow soon as a full story comic! Full Story Comic, 120 pages with about 250 images.


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Yaoi Shota Crime Thriller Manga

Genre:Boy,Younger Brother,Bondage,Masturbation,Restraint

Release date:Jun/16/2017


Donevan’s WrestleMania!

Digital Comic / Yaoi first-love wrestling manga Software

Donevan's WrestleMania!

Donevan has only a few hobbies: One of his hobbies is Wrestling. He loves to watch the matches on TV, and he joined the junior school team just a few months ago. There he met Deke, a very nice boy around his age. Whenever there is time after school, Donevan and Deke like to practice some new moves. On day in Summer, when it is very hot outside, Deke has the idea of doing all those practicing nude. It doesn’t take very long that the boys have other things in mind then Wrestling. Especially since Donevan knows that he’s not the only one with a very huge cock. He has seen Deke under the shower after training but didn’t dare to ask if … maybe … Deke would be interested in something else then Wrestling …


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Yaoi first-love wrestling manga

Genre:Boy,Masturbation,Large Cock

Release date:Jun/27/2017