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Carlos on the beach -PART2-!

Digital Comic Software

Carlos on the beach -PART2-!

While working as a life-saver on a beach, Carlos meets a hot hunk, Jake and start dating with him. Although Jakes becomes more serious about him, Carlos cannot have a commitment in their relationship. Jake tries to test him . . . with shocking toys! This product contains both English and Japanese versions.


Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Boys Love,Yaoi

Release date:Apr/28/2011


Yamazaki-san’s Home!

Doujinshi Manga

Yamazaki-san's Home!

The 3rd BL doujinshi featuring S*usuke x M*koto coupling. K*sumi suddenly visits M*koto who is living his days peacefully. K*sumi said he wants to give birth to S*usuke’s child… What happens to SouMako couple? Will K*sumi’s wish be satisfied…? R-18/ 36 pages * This product contains male pregnancy and birthing but it is not Omegaverse genre.



Genre:Male Pregnancy,Boys Love,Yaoi

Release date:Jun/16/2017