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Furry Town Story 02 – The Milk Cow Factory!

CG Set / Hentai CG Collection Software

Furry Town Story 02 - The Milk Cow Factory!

Welcome to Milk Cow Factory, where the best cows produce the finest milk. Take a tour inside the barn with the farmer himself, Donald Jr as your tour guide. He will show you his collection of busty humanoid cows with ripe, sensitive udders. The barn contain sexy humanoid cows that are waiting to be milked. Each of the cows have different personalities and weak spots. Donald Jr will explain it to you. One of them is pregnant and going to give birth soon. You’re very lucky to become the witness of the farm firstborn cow. Now, what are you waiting for ? Punch your ticket to the farm and visit the milky busties. They are waiting for you. 29 CG + 13 CG with stories Total : 42 pages (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Feminized,Pregnancy/Impregnation,Breast Milk,Milking,Childbirth,Big Breasts

Release date:Oct/09/2015


Kai hame haaaaan!! (animation edition) – English version!

Anime Software

Kai hame haaaaan!! (animation edition)  - English version!

Animation in the style of digital comic featuring Kai H*rn. *Gimmick mode is featured. This mode has additional changes and finish variations to all movies in the main story. Language option Voice and script has options of Japanese and English. Japanese Voice: Haru Konanase Voice and Translation in English: Suzu



Genre:Bukkake,Internal Cumshot,Breast Milk,Anal,Tentacle,Big Breasts

Release date:May/31/2009


Ero Gro Ideas Note (English version)!

Digital Comic Software

Ero Gro Ideas Note (English version)!

A trio of digital comics by Ranmaru Graphics. Episode 1 Nursing Queen: A royal milf loves men to drink from her milky huge breasts. Episode 2 Manvorous Plant: A plant that feeds on sperm has evolved to perfectly mimic a female to attract prey. Episode 3 Vagina Vore: A webcam guy breaks into a room where he’s swallowed into the vagina of a giant woman. 4 pages of covers (text-only versions) + 24 pages of manga content (with illustrations) = 28 total pages Recommended for fetish fans of: – being spoiled by a corpulent mama type – being softly dominated (masochist male) – sensual VORE (swallowed alive) – milking, huge breasts and huge asses

Circle:Ranmaru Graphics

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Fetish,Maniac,Vore,Breast Milk,Woman Rapes Man,Tall Woman

Release date:Nov/21/2013


Justice the Rider: Noble Mirage [English Version]!

Doujinshi Manga

Justice the Rider: Noble Mirage [English Version]!

This is an English version of: Justice the Rider: Noble Mirage (RE163553) http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE163553.html [Summary] Kasumi Takamine, a private detective, is Justice the Rider Noble Mirage, a heroine of justice. She has fought fierce battles against Gaziroo, an evil organization trying to abuse Mirage particles which have a wondrous power. And finally… … Octopus Dildoo, the top executive of Gaziroo has appeared before her. She has been worn out and r*ped, her battle suit being ripped. But an even more tragic fate was waiting for her… [Contents] This is a half-remade work which I picked up and made a battle against Octopus Dildoo and the sequel into a comic, out of all the r*pe scenes which were included in my previous Japanese CG collection. Although there are some duplications in the content because of that, I think everyone can enjoy it even if you’ve already purchased my previous work since all the scenes are TOTALLY RED-HOT. This consists of 30 pages of story and another three pages of the cover and etc. While there’s no bloody scenes, this comic includes pregnancy and delivery. Please be careful to purchase in case you don’t like them. * Translation: Kiki Kiki’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/DCA.Kiki/

Circle:Elephant jelly


Genre:Transforming Girl,Pregnancy/Impregnation,Breast Milk,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Nov/13/2016


3D Real Model: Mis*to Training Plan!

Digital Novel Game

3D Real Model: Mis*to Training Plan!

Introducing a game which takes the boom to the next level, rendered in stereoscopic-style 3D! No special technology or additional purchases are needed for this software. If you’ve got a pair of old red-blue anaglyph 3D glasses, you can enjoy the full effect of this exciting 3D game. Enjoy breasts and bottoms close enough to squeeze as the women appear to be right there in your presence. The game is set on 3D display by default, but you can switch to standard display mode. Simply uncheck the 3D display box in the menu. Main game contents feature Mis*to from the popular anime. A virginal young man lives with an overly sexual, lecherous woman. She opens his eyes through domination training. Fully loaded with sex scenes, and includes voice acting from three female actresses! Details are available on the demo and homepage: http://homepage2.nifty.com/pelocan/ura/ * 3D and standard display settings * Countless adlibs from female voice actresses * Optional sound for male and female voices * Available in Japanese and English

Circle:PeroPero Candy

Categories:Game,Digital Novel

Genre:Cosplay,Hilarious,Breast Milk,Sexual Training,Big Breasts,Pregnant Woman

Release date:Mar/19/2010


Demon Angel SAKURA vol.3 -The Gate of Passport-!

Action Game

Demon Angel SAKURA vol.3 -The Gate of Passport-!

The third installment of the Demon Angel SAKURA series. Above and beyond the boss battles – the main focus of the series until now – new features are adopted in this volume; you have variety of stages and 30 species of smaller monsters. Even if you haven’t played the series up until now, you can still enjoy this game by reading the summary section. Enjoy the assaults of giant monster girls in various kinds of erotic scenes, from voracity (vore/prey) to bloodsucking and more. Plus, the debut of new items and shops! [ver] * improved processing speed * changed frequency of orbs and shop item prices * added detect board map check item to shop * Regarding DirectX Please update to the latest version of DirectX if you encounter display issues. An issue regarding character flicker in scenes with full animation (shop, etc.) has been reported several times, which is resolved by updating DirectX.

Circle:Kokage no Izumi


Genre:Otoko no ko,Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Vore,Breast Milk,Woman Rapes Man,Golden Shower/Urination

Release date:Sep/18/2015


Warrior Princess Asuka – The Final Chapter English Version!

Adventure Game

Warrior Princess Asuka - The Final Chapter English Version!

Summary —————————————– St. Nibel was caught off guard during the absence of its royal army and its castle was occupied by the demon army Girudea commands. In order to save the citizens from the demons, princess Asuka and royal guard Melissa had to obey Girudea’s orders, but they fell to his dirty traps and now seek for pleasure. Even though Asuka hadn’t at least lost her mind, she had no idea about Girudea’s plans to completely break their rebellious spirit. —————————————– Contents: * 100% h-scenes! The modification egg laying training hell tainting the noble blood of the royal family and royal guard. * The finale to the renowned non-human intercourse and body modification series! * A satisfying volume of erotic content: 97 CGs! (Including variants.) * Art: Tsumugi Amamiya * Scenario: Kigoo Tehchi (Original Concept: Kairo Honda) * CV: Shiori Honda/Ayana Sumoto/Kyoko Hirano * Music: Sentaro/Keishi Yonao/koishi * Translator: Dingo Features: * High-quality artwork, writing, audio, and programming. * Fully voiced female cast! * Playable demo.

Circle:Hentai Industries


Genre:Fantasy,Vore,Breast Milk,Tentacle,Ahegao/Gapeface,Interspecies Sex

Release date:Sep/02/2015


S&M (Sayuri & Masaru) Chapter 01 – Daily Incest Life!

CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection Software

S&M (Sayuri & Masaru) Chapter 01 - Daily Incest Life!

An incest story between Masaru Daimon & his beautiful mother, Sayuri Daimon who have lived together in love since their husband/father left them to the Digital World. In this first edition, you will see their daily life that filled with love. Forbidden love, actually. From wake up call, bathroom service until sex in the kitchen while only wearing an apron. CG Gallery plus Story Mode with texts Total : 31 images (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Mother,Married Woman,Cheating,Cuckoldry,Breast Milk,Incest

Release date:Mar/30/2015


Hermitage (English translated version)!

Anime / 3D-movie adventure Software

Hermitage (English translated version)!

ENGLISH version. With English subtitles translated by native English professional translators. (Voice: Original Japanese version)StoryAyame is a gorgeous chick with a baby face. Her breasts are incredibly getting bigger day by day, easily recognized how big it is through her sailor suit. And also, I found a part of her sailor suit is wet, where her pink nipples can be faintly seen through.!!Obviously, it is her breast milk…. Why? why the girl has such a erotic body? What will be happening to a girl who became a target of a man’s twisted sexual desire!?Over 40 minutes of full hentai animation movie!!Milking, Breast feeding, Boob fuck, Facial cumshot, Continuous internal ejaculation…..and more!!- In milking/breast feeding scenes, milk gushes out from her breasts in detailed real motion!!Ejaculation scenes are even more enhanced!! A lot of cumjuice flows forth from her pussy! – Cross-section image of vagina is equipped for the first time!- Full voice! Exciting sound effects!- Comes equipped with Album mode and Movie Control that enables you to see what you want to see instantly!You can signup at: https://ssl.dlsite.com/eng/regist/user/card—This is the ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese)

Circle:Double Soft Cream

Categories:Software,Anime / 3D-movie adventure

Genre:Uniform,Internal Cumshot,Breast Milk,Milking,Violation,Big Breasts

Release date:Apr/22/2007


Giant Knockers, Little Witch Chapter 01: Blue sky milking!

Doujinshi Manga

Giant Knockers, Little Witch Chapter 01: Blue sky milking!

The daily lives of buxom loli magickers in a kingdom in quiet decline. This issue’s about a girl who is richly milked by a fief who takes keenly to her ripening body. 11 pages, full color JPEG and PDF



Genre:Loli,Magical Girl,Breast Milk,Molestation,Ashamed,Big Breasts

Release date:Oct/06/2015