Busty and the Beast ULTIMATE II!

CG Set Software

Busty and the Beast ULTIMATE II!

The Horse Demon leads an army and attacks the Hero’s castle to claim back his woman, the busty queen Bian*ca. Chapter I – Year of the Horse The Horse Demon successfully kills the Hero and obtains the queen. In the king bedroom, he f*cks Bian*ca again and again until she loses her mind. Chapter II – DQIII Stars Cosplay Although Bian*ca is his favourite f*ckhole, the Horse Demon can’t forget his past women from DQIII era. So, he makes Bian*ca cosplay with their costumes and f*cks her while she wears them. Chapter III – Marriage & Breeding Exhibition The marriage between the Horse King and Queen Bian*ca is held in front of the town people. It also includes sex and live birthing of the future king. Contains beastiality. Total 25 CGs (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Pregnancy/Impregnation,Breast Sex,Childbirth,Rape,Bestiality

Release date:Jul/27/2014


The Ghost House!

Adventure Game

The Ghost House!

This point n click adventure is in Japanese and English. This game is now some years old so not all graphics are amazing. But the game has it’s moments. Some of the best of all my games so far if ya ask me. The game can be tricky. But once you solved a problem it will get easier. And you can search the internet for help or ask for help in the guest book. Have fun!




Release date:Apr/11/2013



Doujinshi Manga


The manga adaptation of original birth-themed novel series Chikushou Ninpu (Damned Pregnant). Includes The Labour of Actress Yumi Aoyagi and Exiled Sae’s Assault. Monochrome 52 pages.



Genre:Kimono/Japanese Clothes,Stockings,Childbirth,Violation,Pregnant Woman,Torture

Release date:Oct/07/2013


Tapioca Milk – shower room of desire!

CG+Novel Software

Tapioca Milk - shower room of desire!

This original CG novel is fully in English! * Main Features 16 main erotic images + 43 variations for 59 images And a further 9 non-erotic images for 68 images total 1280×960 size * Bonus Features 62 images without story/narration or effects 1600×1200 size * Please note that the narration is from the male POV (very few female dialogue) * Warning: depicts some mock pregnancy and childbirth * Story A lolicon otaku stares inappropriately at a little girl. He is her new neighbor. He doesn’t say anything, but he keeps staring her. Head to toe, openly fantasizing. Her name is Natsumi Toba. His eyes linger on her coquettish body. She is uncomfortable by his gaze. When she wears a swimsuit to the waterpark knowing he can see her makes her feel sick. But fun at the waterpark outshines her unpleasant feelings. In the showers at the park she encounters a jelly-like creature. Its squirming limbs caress her inner thigh and stroke delicately across her chest. At first she’s terrified, but the touching makes her tingle in special places. Gradually she becomes intoxicated with the lukewarm fluid and begins to crave its pleasure. Several times she visits the creature. She tells a friend about her secret garden. But what she doesn’t know is that this creature that she loves most in all the world is actually the man she hates more than anything else. And without knowing, she indulges a deepening lust.

Circle:Bingo Tart


Genre:Loli,Middle-age,Swimwear,Internal Cumshot,Childbirth,Tentacle

Release date:Jan/07/2014


Animal Pleasure Sixth!

Adventure Game

Animal Pleasure Sixth!

A work on the theme of the bestiality with large dog, cart horse (percheron) and elephant. An adventure in a picture-card show style with sound effects and voice. Plus 20 base images, total 208 images including variations and extra. Mostly in 1024×768 size. The main story is fully voiced by Milk and comes with sound effects and BGM. English-translated version is created with the help from Suzu. Please try the trial version for compatibility check and for fun!

Circle:Rush Rise Line


Genre:Cross-section View,Childbirth,Bestiality,Interspecies Sex,Big Breasts,Pregnant Woman

Release date:Dec/29/2013


Broken Doll 07 – Comfort Officers part II!

CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection Software

Broken Doll 07 - Comfort Officers part II!

Welcome to Space Comfortship Yamako! Enjoy the show of our best Comfort Officers (CO) in action. Their jobs are to please all male crews in the ship and fulfill their sexual needs. Each CO take charge of different rooms. They are : 1. Toilet Room : CO Yuri 2. Supply Room : CO Kaoru 3. VVIP (Captain) Room : CO Mori 4. Medical Room : CO Mako-chan 5. Storage Room : CO Akira Caution, Fetish contained in this product : Pregnant, Breeding (Give Birth), Nipple Fu*k, Lactation, Pig Nose, etc CG + Story Total : 38 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Breast Sex,Milking,Childbirth,Rape,Big Breasts,Pregnant Woman,Madness

Release date:Mar/05/2015


Heroine X Goblin – Template for making Erotic Side Scrolling Action Game!

Software Utility / Woman's POV Childbirth Action Template

Heroine X Goblin - Template for making Erotic Side Scrolling Action Game!

With this template, you can start making Erotic Side Scrolling Action of your own with little effort. The source code and graphics can be modified and recycled for using in your commercial project as many times as you want, without any restrictions. The controls of this game is based on Para*te in City. The heroine can also get pregnant and then give birth in a similar manner. Please try the demo. The template is in .GMZ format, which is used in the game engine Game Maker : Studio.

Circle:Pi = 2H

Categories:Software,Utility / Woman’s POV Childbirth Action Template

Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Childbirth

Release date:Nov/05/2016


Furry Town Story 02 – The Milk Cow Factory!

CG Set / Hentai CG Collection Software

Furry Town Story 02 - The Milk Cow Factory!

Welcome to Milk Cow Factory, where the best cows produce the finest milk. Take a tour inside the barn with the farmer himself, Donald Jr as your tour guide. He will show you his collection of busty humanoid cows with ripe, sensitive udders. The barn contain sexy humanoid cows that are waiting to be milked. Each of the cows have different personalities and weak spots. Donald Jr will explain it to you. One of them is pregnant and going to give birth soon. You’re very lucky to become the witness of the farm firstborn cow. Now, what are you waiting for ? Punch your ticket to the farm and visit the milky busties. They are waiting for you. 29 CG + 13 CG with stories Total : 42 pages (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Feminized,Pregnancy/Impregnation,Breast Milk,Milking,Childbirth,Big Breasts

Release date:Oct/09/2015


InterRacial Love – Orc X Elf!

CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection Software

InterRacial Love - Orc X Elf!

CG Collection of the race unity between 2 arch nemeses, Orcs & Elves by the marriage of their newly crowned King & Queen. See the sexual life of this lovey dovey couple until the Queen gets pregnant and gives birth to the first hybrid between Orc & Elf. Included inside : Story of how they can be together and what the purpose of their marriage. Total : 24 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection


Release date:Jul/07/2016


Slice of Venture – A New Start -!

Adventure / Hentai Adventure Game Game

Slice of Venture - A New Start -!

Follow Yuki & Ayame new trip at the farm in this sequel of Vitamin Plus! / Classic Content / – Enjoy new design – All the family members have been reworked with a new chara design. – Meet new people as well as old friends – 3 new characters to meet with their own design, faces (and even scenes, for the girls). Find some of Vitamin Plus secondary characters during your weekend! – Discover the surroundings of the farm – There’s now a worldmap on which you can drive your way towards different places. / Hentai Content / – Enjoy the game the way you want ! – The game features 3 different modes that add more fetishes to the already existing ones! Hardcore mode (Bestiality, Incest) is the basic mode Hardcore + mode adds watersports and filth to the scenes Hardcore X mode adds scatology to some of the scenes – Discover a large variety of fetishes ! – The game feature the following fetishes: Bestiality, Incest, Shotacon, Lolicon, Nipple Fuck, Futanari, Tentacles, Hypnosis, Childbirth, Watersports (optional), Filth (optional), Scatology (optional) – Get access to naked versions of the scenes ! – Most scenes occur clothed in the game. But once you can access the gallery, you can watch each of those scene again with a total naked variation. It is strongly recommended to buy this product with a DLsite account as updates are planned on the game. * Requires RPG TKool VX Ace RTP (free): http://dlsite.jp/RPGTKool_eng/

Circle:Blue Axolotl

Categories:Game,Adventure / Hentai Adventure Game


Release date:Aug/05/2015