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Eroge Days!

The English version is included. Title: Eroge na Hibi (Eroge Days) Creator: F (Efu) Manga: Rabui A male adult-oriented transsexual fiction manga Story: Two friends are sucked into the world of an erotic J-game. One is the protagonist, the other is his supporting character. To return to the real world they need to play through the game’s feminization route, in which the supporting character becomes a girl and falls in love with the protagonist. Whether it deepens or breaks their friendship in the real world, there’s no doubt that by the end of this game, nothing will ever be the same… Manga: Eroge Days is two volumes of 21 page mangas (42 total pages). The first volume takes place in the eroge. The second follows the two friends after they finish the game and return to the real world.

Circle:F of TSF


Genre:Feminized,Transsexual,Sailor-style Uniform,Kimono/Japanese Clothes,School,Romance,Romance,Romance

Release date:Sep/21/2015


NEW The first thing you do when you become a girl – shellfishes with the next door girl!

Digital Novel / 3D original FLASH animation novel Game

NEW The first thing you do when you become a girl - shellfishes with the next door  girl!

He is an ugly middle-aged man. However, he happens to gain a power to become a beautiful busty girl 3 days a month. He starts planning a way to get closer with the next-door-girl. The female character is fully voiced in this movie! Don’t miss the masturbation by the two! This is a 3D CG movie where characters moves and bounces smoothly. Focus on the genital organ and the anal. *Realistic sounds plus professional voice actress. *Description of inside the womb and cross sectional view are included. *Full screen option *Go direct to your favorite movie from scene selection mode *Volume regulation *Skip and back functions *Format: FLASH.exe for easy navigation.


Categories:Game,Digital Novel / 3D original Flash animation novel

Genre:Younger Sister,Feminized,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Lesbian,Big Breasts

Release date:Nov/16/2009


[English Hypnosis] The session to be PORN-LADY!

Software Voice

[English Hypnosis] The session to be PORN-LADY!

The session to be PORN-LADY A voice drama all performed by English native speaker! [Synopsis] You are somehow reborn as a blonde porn star in the US, and gangbanged by dark-skinned guys (or futanari ladies). [Track List] Contains five scenes: * (A) Hypnosis mode (standard ver.) 1. R*ped by dark-skinned guys (~32 min) (with / without drippy sounds) 2. R*ped by futanari ladies (~33 min) (with / without drippy sounds) * (B) Hypnosis word-flood mode (quick ver.) (with / without BGM) 1. R*ped by dark-skinned guys (~28 min) (with / without BGM) 2. R*ped by futanari ladies (~28 min) *(C) Brainwash mode 1. Drifting the ocean of erotic suggestions (~40 min) (with / without moans) Track lengths are approximate [Credits] CV: Latex Illustration: WataNiShiki Script: YamadaMegane

Circle:Furo Ido Soft


Genre:Hypnotic Voice,Feminized,Transsexual,Bukkake,Hypnosis,Brainwashing

Release date:Jul/14/2017