Hi…wanna chat? 3!

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Hi...wanna chat? 3!

How about chatting with a petite crossdresser? English title: Hi…wanna chat? 3 After Mimi’s dad found what naughty things she did when nobody’s home he locked Mimi’s notebook. Even though Mimi finds a way to chat with her ‘friends’ and even make a new friend, YUKO. This time she can’t even wait her mom go away to play with her new friend… This is a little story made with short loops of animations + dialogs. (html+flash) English and japanese dialogs. Resolution 1300x731pixels


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Animation CG Novel

Genre:Glasses,Gal,Otoko no ko,Crossdress

Release date:Jul/03/2015


Sudden Change: The New Buxom Tutor (English translated version)!

Anime Software

Sudden Change: The New Buxom Tutor (English translated version)!

Ms. Luna, a new female teacher, was brought in to counsel the at-risk male youths in class. However, they didn’t simply give her respect. They had a plan… Facing an expected situation, Luna’s reaction was…!? * 23 minutes / 3D animated movie with English subtitles* Voice: Natsuki Nogami This is the ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese)



Genre:Glasses,Teacher,Blowjob,Big Breasts

Release date:Mar/18/2011


Sleep and you’re fu*ked! (burakon imouto)!

Anime / Whisper Voice Software

Sleep and you're fu*ked! (burakon imouto)!

English Subtitles included Sanae-chan is a shy girl that spends most of the day dreaming about her beloved ‘oniichan’, she’s always fantasizing situations about him. One day ‘oniichan’ is deep sleeping and Sanae-chan has the chance of her life to do whatever she wants… * no penetration scenes / only whispering, licking,etc… binaural sound / Voice: Gemiko Yamada length: about 9 minutes resolution: 1280×720 pixels file format: avi (video: H264, audio: pcm/wave) genre: younger sister, glasses, older brother, incest ————————————-

Circle:Shitamachi mousou-gai

Categories:Software,Anime / Whisper Voice

Genre:Glasses,Younger Sister,Older Brother,Incest

Release date:Nov/10/2016


Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol.2: Futanari Elves – GALAXY EDITION (Language: English)!

Anime Software

Sexual Fantasy Kingdom vol.2: Futanari Elves - GALAXY EDITION (Language: English)!

GalaxyPink’s all-futanari classic is back, bigger, longer, better, and more! All elves in the kingdom are beautiful futanari with swinging breasts and huge cocks full of cum, in 8 animated scenes with 20 original characters. All futanari scenes, breast sex, bukkake, footjob, and more, in 30 animated sexual positions, 100 camera angles, and 200 CG images. In this volume: *Gallery Mode – view any image or animation from the every scene. *Larger and higher resolution 1024×768 graphics, and improved art quality. *New voices to match with SFK3 and SFK4 – featuring Nanase Watarai, Himari, Sayaka Keina, and GalaxyPink. – A peasant girl has a secret affair with a forest elf. – A virile dark elf spy is sent to impregnate the princess. – A tavern serves elf-milk. – A half-elf adventuress is curious about her elven companion. – A holy knight asks an elven priestess for help removing her armor. – An elf suspected of being a dark elf spy is punished by the magistrate. – Three elves bathe in a magical spring. Plus an all-new bonus scene featuring GalaxyPink herself: – GalaxyPink has a dream about an elven priestess… If you loved the original version, you have to see the GALAXY EDITION! Please enjoy the Free Trial version (contains one full animated scene, and one gallery), and you will come back for more. Return to the Kingdom of Sexual Fantasies!



Genre:Glasses,Elf/Fairy,Fantasy,Blowjob,Big Breasts,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Mar/01/2010


Hypnoslave investigator REIKA (Language: English)!

Digital Comic / CG comic in full color with bonus movie Software

Hypnoslave investigator REIKA (Language: English)!

Reika Anzai investigates on serial mysterious missing cases of beautiful women. Reika follows the suspect by the information given by Alex, a collaborator. However, it was a sweet trap of hypnosis and brainwashing… Part 1 has 31 pages in full color with a bonus short flash movie Size: 1075*1495


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / CG comic in full color with bonus movie

Genre:Glasses,Serious,Sexual Training,Slave,Hypnosis,Torture

Release date:Jun/18/2009


collected paintings of 2007-2009 first half of year.!

CG Set Software

collected paintings of 2007-2009 first half of year.!

All text is in English. Contents are the same in Japanese version. 40 illustrations (4 for aged +15) 22 line drawings 3 PSD files 5 bonus files Total number of images is 70. Characters from R*BORN!, The P**nce of Tennis, Gint*ma, NA*UTO, Kuro**tsuji, Code G*ass, VOC*LOID, T*YGUN, etc Also contains previously-unreleased illustrations for the original novel.

Circle:Technical type-a

Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Glasses,Puni,Shota,Crossdress,School,Boys Love

Release date:Jul/18/2009