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Milf Game MOTHER FANTASY (English version)!

Game RPG

Milf Game MOTHER FANTASY (English version)!

Big breasted corpulent maniac mother fetish RPG. Simple gameplay in fantasy style totally serving your maniac pleasures. Created with RPG Tkool VX. Please try the demo before purchase. Updated on March 7th: This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

Circle:Ranmaru Graphics


Genre:Mother,Mature Woman/Milf,Fantasy,Breast Milk,Woman Rapes Man,Big Breasts

Release date:Dec/04/2010


Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf Boy!

Doujinshi Illust + Novel

Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf Boy!

The silly and erotic little red riding hood here as an adult picture book (visual novel). 16 pages (cover: tetra-chrome / main text: duo-chrome)

Circle:Hot Spring Ninja

Categories:Doujinshi,Illust + Novel

Genre:Loli,Boy,Mature Woman/Milf,Witch

Release date:Feb/28/2017


NTR Reporter – Yuki [Cheating Report]!

CG Set Software

NTR Reporter - Yuki [Cheating Report]!

CG Collection of a busty NTR Reporter, Yuki Tsumamoto when she’s just a newbie until become a pro sex reporter. January 2012, she shows up on a NewsTV program, but she was complained by viewers because her busty appearance is doesn’t match a normal news program. September 2012, she starts working for NTRTV. She debuts at the Sex Cooking Channel and the show ratings rise up drastically. After one episode of SCC, she is moved to LIVE program (demanded by her fans) and given her own program NTR Reporter – Yuki. Her first job is to investigate the 2 popular urban places for cheating society. The places are MILF Molester Train (A train that set up for molest & groping MILFs only) & Pleasure Garden (A midnight park where cheating husbands & wives meet up & have sex). Contain News Version with texts & CG Version without texts.


Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Mature Woman/Milf,Married Woman,Cuckoldry,Breast Milk

Release date:Sep/23/2012


InterRacial Love 5 – Wonder Dog & Super Wife!

CG+Novel / Perverted CG Collection Software

InterRacial Love 5 - Wonder Dog & Super Wife!

CG Collection of the Superheroes couple, Wonder Dog and Super Wife. What their powers, how they fight the enemies, how they disguise in the society and how they live their life everyday. See all of it inside ! Total : 25 pages (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Perverted CG Collection

Genre:Mature Woman/Milf,Married Woman,Bestiality

Release date:Jun/10/2017


The Doppeler Effect!

Digital Comic / Yuri Comedy Comic Software

The Doppeler Effect!

An original selfcest sketch comic about a mad milf scientist, her trusty sidekick (minion), and their antics after an ‘experiment’ goes horribly SEXY! What happens when a womanly mad scientist suddenly meets some who perfectly matches her lust for science? Why, all sorts of wet, sweaty, steamy experiments of course! English & Japanese versions included


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Yuri Comedy Comic

Genre:Mature Woman/Milf,Twins,Yuri/Girls Love

Release date:Aug/20/2016



Digital Comic Software


Chaperone consistes of two chapters. Chaperone1 Olivia Davis had no idea what she was in for when she agreed to be the sole chaperone for Amy’s cheerleading team. After their competition, the group finds themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere during a freak storm. Forced to spend the night in a hunting lodge retreat, things begin to get a little bizarre… and it all starts when Olivia decides to down an entire bottle of whiskey. She’s the woman you wish you’d had on your school trips… but never did. Lesbian cheerleaders and long donged rednecks abound… Chaperone2 Olivia and her stud are getting it on… but what about poor Nelson? Dejected after watching his beloved Joy tagging the Redneck in the shower… he decides to head back to his room in a depressed state… but he never quite gets there… as someone else in the group has plans for him. And Joy, overwhelmed with sexual lust, throws herself on the mercy of the Redneck and his three friends… and an all-out gangbang begins. Sexual hijinks and debauchery as the Chaperone concludes… Story & Art by JAG27. Total of 179 pages

Circle:Crazy3D Team

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Girl,Mature Woman/Milf,Cosplay,May and December,Blowjob,Restraint

Release date:Jun/05/2010


NaruHina 01 – NewlyWed Life!

CG Set / Hentai CG Collection Software

NaruHina 01 - NewlyWed Life!

Naruse (34), a successful young politician married a young beautiful busty wife, Hinano (27) With gentle and kind personality, body like gravure idol, and humongous breasts, Hinano is an angel everybody dreaming of … Since then, Naruse live his everyday life like in heaven and everynight are honeymoon … 19.00 PM ~ Go Home 19.30 PM ~ Dinner 20.00 PM ~ Bath Time 21.00 PM ~ Good Night Total : 24 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG Set / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Mature Woman/Milf,Married Woman,Big Breasts

Release date:Aug/08/2015



CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection Software


My name is Jay. A few years ago on a chance encounter, I met Elinor, a stunning beauty who became a friend of mine. I had always fancied her, but alas she was married. After a while, we lost touch with each other. But unexpectedly, I met her again on the street. We talked for a bit before she invited me back to her place for some coffee. From there, she told me something I didn’t expect to hear…. 54 images with text / 54 images without text


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection

Genre:Boy,Mature Woman/Milf,Married Woman,Romance,Romance,Romance,Hentai,Virgin/Intact Male

Release date:Apr/18/2017