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Demon Angel SAKURA vol.3 -The Gate of Passport-!

Action Game

Demon Angel SAKURA vol.3 -The Gate of Passport-!

The third installment of the Demon Angel SAKURA series. Above and beyond the boss battles – the main focus of the series until now – new features are adopted in this volume; you have variety of stages and 30 species of smaller monsters. Even if you haven’t played the series up until now, you can still enjoy this game by reading the summary section. Enjoy the assaults of giant monster girls in various kinds of erotic scenes, from voracity (vore/prey) to bloodsucking and more. Plus, the debut of new items and shops! [ver] * improved processing speed * changed frequency of orbs and shop item prices * added detect board map check item to shop * Regarding DirectX Please update to the latest version of DirectX if you encounter display issues. An issue regarding character flicker in scenes with full animation (shop, etc.) has been reported several times, which is resolved by updating DirectX.

Circle:Kokage no Izumi


Genre:Otoko no ko,Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Vore,Breast Milk,Woman Rapes Man,Golden Shower/Urination

Release date:Sep/18/2015


Hi…wanna chat? 2!

CG+Novel Software

Hi...wanna chat? 2!

When nobody is at home the naughty Mimi-chan brings almost everyday guys she meets on internet to have some fun at her place. The old man next door secretly watchs and one day he try and succeed to cheat Mimi on an internet chat saying he has a huge cock. Of course she doesn’t know he is her neighbor. They play Mom & Dad and have good moments on Mimi’s parents bed. This is a little story made with short flash animations + dialogs. As a bonus a little sawari game is included. English and japanese dialogs. Resolution 1000x600pixels



Genre:Middle-age,Otoko no ko,Facial,Blowjob

Release date:Apr/02/2014


Moved to a country side, became a salacious raccoon.!

Digital Comic Software

Moved to a country side, became a salacious raccoon.!

* The low-resolution version can be seen here: http://b.dlsite.net/RG31021/ This product is the high-resolution (2000 pixel vertical) version. ———————————— A boy just recently moved to a countryside is taken out without any clothes. Then he is body-painted by a mysterious artist. With the tail-like sex toy inserted in his anal, he looks like a raccoon. ———————————— Contents: – 40 pages main story – 40 pages of English version – Bonus: settings and text-free variations

Circle:Gentleman Conglomerate

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Shota,Otoko no ko,Animalize,Outdoor Exposure,Golden Shower/Urination,Anal

Release date:Nov/02/2017