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Naked Festival ver.2.0 (Language: English)!

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Naked Festival ver.2.0  (Language: English)!

In Japan, there’s a unique naughty game called yakyu-ken. Its literal translation doesn’t mean anything, and the circle would describe it as Naked Festival. Please enjoy this simple Rock-Paper-Scissors stripping game. You are to play the game against a selected girl. When you win, the opponent takes off her outfit one by one. You are the winner when you succeed in making her naked. The total number of girls are over 200! After the match, you can change clothes of the defeated girl. How to play: After extracting the downloaded file, start from either start.html or nakedFestival.exe in the folder. For mac users, please start from mac in MAC_nakedFestival folder. * About this game User support is available only for DLsite.com members. The circle will not release the sequel until the number of characters surpasses 400.


Categories:Game,Others  / Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

Genre:Cosplay,Outdoor Exposure

Release date:Sep/06/2010


Moved to a country side, became a salacious raccoon.!

Digital Comic Software

Moved to a country side, became a salacious raccoon.!

* The low-resolution version can be seen here: http://b.dlsite.net/RG31021/ This product is the high-resolution (2000 pixel vertical) version. ———————————— A boy just recently moved to a countryside is taken out without any clothes. Then he is body-painted by a mysterious artist. With the tail-like sex toy inserted in his anal, he looks like a raccoon. ———————————— Contents: – 40 pages main story – 40 pages of English version – Bonus: settings and text-free variations

Circle:Gentleman Conglomerate

Categories:Software,Digital Comic

Genre:Shota,Otoko no ko,Animalize,Outdoor Exposure,Golden Shower/Urination,Anal

Release date:Nov/02/2017