KUSUNOKI Yumi’s Bondage Cops-and-Robbers Diary!

Doujinshi Illustration

KUSUNOKI Yumi's Bondage Cops-and-Robbers Diary!

The visual diary from the day; classic game, special rules. A DID (Damsel In Distress) and Clothed Bondage CG collection 16 base images 3 colors of gym shorts Bilingual text (Japanese + English) Variations of artwork, etc.

Circle:mono-brown library


Genre:Clothed,Gym Clothes,School,Outdoor,Tight Binding,Ashamed

Release date:Oct/13/2016


Camp Trip!

Digital Comic / Incest Loli Fantasy Comic Software

Camp Trip!

~ Another great illustrated novel in full color by Robon-Nepen ~ The story of a young man seducing a mother’s daughter, and having his way with her on a camping trip. The product is a 48 page full color comic, 30 panel style comic with minimal text and 30 panel style comic without text. Included are 10 bonuses/alternate images not used in the comic, with different outfits. Total 116 images. Sex includes Oral and blowjob, Missionary, Doggy, Anal, Cowgirl and Laying flat. Creampie and cumshot finishes. One of the hottest illustrated stories by Robo-Nepen!


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Incest Loli Fantasy Comic

Genre:Loli,Outdoor,Internal Cumshot,Incest,Anal,Braid

Release date:Sep/06/2016


Welcome to Wonderland!

CG+Novel / CG Collection & Dialog Text Software

Welcome to Wonderland!

Title: Welcome to Wonderland ‘What if the real world was like that…’ Taking that idea as a base for several daily situations I twist them into a sexual paradise, that is ‘Wonderland’. This is a cg collection with a little game interface. English and Japanese dialogs. outdoor exposure, bukkake, middle-aged, blowjob and married woman are some of the contents. resolution 1300×650 pixels html+flash 15 pictures (+lines)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / CG Collection & Dialog Text

Genre:Married Woman,Man/Middle-age,Nurse,Outdoor,Bukkake

Release date:Apr/14/2015


Mu**uki -ALL NIGHT-!

Digital Comic / Outdoor Sex Hentai Comic Software

Mu**uki -ALL NIGHT-!

After Mu**uki and the Admiral get stranded on an unknown island… Responsibilities head out the window as their lust gets the better of them. 32 pages


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Outdoor Sex Hentai Comic

Genre:Lots of White Cream/Juices,Outdoor

Release date:Mar/23/2017


Ashley at the bus stop!

CG Set Software

Ashley at the bus stop!

17 High resolution image set / story 2200×1200 18 year old Ashley tries to find a way home using the bus stop, she is attached by a olive/green skinned crazy man who demands a public show. Ashley makes a deal with him, oral sex for safety, The man dose not keep his promise. See what happens in the end!


Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Outdoor,Blowjob,Coercion/Compulsion,Blonde Hair

Release date:Mar/10/2013



Anime Software


Petrification short anime / Original and voiced 2 min 20 sec runtime / MP4 format A young girl finds an unusual marking of hands and feet. Curiosity causes her to try and touch them and she becomes immobile… Includes English subtitle version



Genre:Girl,Outdoor,Petrifaction,Twin Tail

Release date:Feb/02/2016


Project #0 – Awakening!

Adventure / Hentai Adventure Game Game

Project #0 - Awakening!

This story is about a cute little girl who got lost in a creepy forest, and a cool brave guy who decided to save this sweetie. The gameplay is simple: just read the text and make your choice in a special moments.


Categories:Game,Adventure / Hentai Adventure Game

Genre:Animalize,Outdoor,Hentai,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex

Release date:Feb/17/2015


Kissing Booth!

Doujinshi Manga / Dojin

Kissing Booth!

Willow and Maple the Sheep Half-Beast attend a kissing booth!

Circle:Hentai Reich

Categories:Doujinshi,Manga / Dojin

Genre:Outdoor,Interspecies Sex

Release date:Sep/22/2016


Public Slave Training!

Game Simulation

Public Slave Training!

Train your sex-slave in any public area you choose, toilet, street, classroom. Includes 5 different scenes. Every scene has 6 kinds of animation, and 7 types of body’s set.

Circle:Demon Rabbit


Genre:Girl,Outdoor,Pregnancy/Impregnation,Sexual Training,Futanari/Dick girl

Release date:Jun/14/2013