Action Game


An action RPG of which interface is like Western games! Erotic scenes are all depicted in pixel artworks. Control and change the clothes of the explorer sorceress, to rescue the captured girls with the power of magic scrolls! Beaten voices / Moans contained Difficulty level is relatively easy Once you cleared the game, the Monster Room is unlocked. * Please confirm system compatibility via the trial version.



Genre:Female Heroine Only,Dot/Pixel,Witch,Violation,Interspecies Sex,Ponytail

Release date:Oct/06/2017


Horny Girl for Android!

Anime Software

Horny Girl for Android!

Umemaro 3D movie collection #15 now available on ANDROID!! A male teacher hides within a locker, peeking on the female changing room. This is his only joy in life. To fap off to the naked bodies of his students… There appears a girl in her PE uniform… And as she speaks joyfully to her friend on the phone, he objectifies her… using her as fuel for his fapping fire. But… this time, he’s gotten a little too excited… He’s been caught white handed and the girl restrains him to a chair. Now it’s her turn, to objectify him…! Actress: Kiyoran Tsukahara CV: Yuka Hinata

Circle:Umemaro 3D


Genre:Breasts,Student,Gym Clothes,School,Woman Rapes Man,Ponytail

Release date:Mar/31/2017