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Although it is too late, Coola’s Armored Squadron realizes that their boss is naked all the time. Therefore, they have to look for clothes for him/her.

Circle:Sammael Sin

Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Alien Love Triangle Comedy Hentai Romance

Genre:Sisters,Love Triangle,Jealousy,Hentai,Rape

Release date:Jun/06/2016


Attack on Orc Vol.1 (Motion Comic Version)!

Anime Software

Attack on Orc Vol.1 (Motion Comic Version)!

* Nov 10th 2017 – Updated to English Translated Version! DLsite Official Translation (Voice: Japanese Subtitle: English) Survive x Lyricbox team up to animate a classical fantasy CG set into Motion Comic! Maidens will be violated, both body and soul, by the insatiable lust of the Orcish hordes…!! ——————————————————————– A few hundred years ago, the darkness was driven away by a single hero, and the descendants of that hero reigned the kingdom for generations. From the southern reaches of the great continent, towards the Royal Capital, the apex of humanity’s prosperity, …an army of obscene monstrosities begins to march. Elven maidens fall into their wretched green hands… Elder Sister Stop, stop it! Not in front of my sister… aaAAAAHHhh! A cocky magician gets a taste of her own medicine… Laura The Orcs are an inferior species. I’ll take them out all by myself! Must-see (and hear) violations! Survive x Lyricbox present their first fantasy comic. ——————————————————————– [Credits] Original: Lyricbox [Voice Acting] Fumino Yotsuba Yaya Kinoshita Kuruta Suzuki Production: survive * The original CG set is available here http://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE165869.html



Genre:Sisters,Elf/Fairy,Witch,Fantasy,Gangbang,Interspecies Sex

Release date:Oct/21/2016


Brother and Sister Boxing!

Digital Comic / Boxing & Wrestling Software

Brother and Sister Boxing!

The mother of 18 year old twins, Mari and Koji, wishes to end the arguing between them. She insists they settle their problem in their backyard boxing ring. A problem at birth caused the son to be much smaller than the daughter, but the mother still believes the fight is an even match. Our story is offered in three versions: 1. Both women in bikinis – Japanese language 2. Both women topless – Japanese language 3. A longer and erotic English language version where the son gains an erection that the women take advantage of. All three versions make a total of forty images, plus nine edited bonus images. These are presented in 1024 x 768 pixel JPEG images in 17 MB zipped file. Illustrated by ZenbayMono Studio.

Circle:Fighting Zen

Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Boxing & Wrestling


Release date:Oct/09/2015


Sisters’ Secret!

Adventure / Hentai Point & Click Adventure Game Game

Sisters' Secret!

You play as police officer John Rivera who unexpectedly gets involved in the investigation of a massive diamond heist. The evidence leads you to the house of the main suspect, a young man named Alexander Spencer. He is missing, unfortunately, but his two sisters are still there and they could be the key to cracking the case and finding the stolen goods. Diana is the older sister who recently turned 20. She is currently studying at law school where she learned quickly that her beauty holds significant power over men and she never hesitates to use it to her advantage. 18 year old Elizabeth is the complete opposite of her sister. Shy, and quiet, she doesn’t have much experience with guys. But is she really as innocent as she seems? To achieve his goal John will have to discover all the sisters’ secrets. How you go about it is entirely your choice. You can try to earn the girls’ trust or use intimidation and blackmail to get what you want. Features: Point-and-click adventure game Hardcore interactive sex scenes The scenes are justified by the plot Be a good guy, or a bad one Multiple endings


Categories:Game,Adventure / Hentai Point & Click Adventure Game


Release date:Sep/06/2016