SUPERMILK part II final – The Capturing!

CG+Novel Software

SUPERMILK part II final - The Capturing!

After attacked by different kind of monsters, SUPERMILK still failed to find Dr. Mad Cow. When she planned to go out from her home to protect her husband, she was stalked & attacked by Dr. Mad Cow Underlings … They injected high dose of aphrosidiac that make SUPERMILK very very horny & can’t stop lactating … She was brought into a dark place, possibly warehouse. There, they put a special kind of suit on her that will keep producing aphrosidiac. This almost made her can’t move at all … And in that warehouse, she will meet her arch villain … Dr. Mad Cow ! Can she control herself from pleasure and fight Dr. Mad Cow ? * Now also included in page dialoques or text version. * Alternate colour : OrangePie version * Alternate endings : Good Ending & Bad Ending !

Circle:Milk Cow Factory



Release date:Sep/09/2011


S&M (Sayuri & Masaru) Chapter 02 – DigiMOM Cosplay!

CG+Novel / Hentai CG Collection Software

S&M (Sayuri & Masaru) Chapter 02 - DigiMOM Cosplay!

On top of their incest Mom and Son relationship, Sayuri and Masaru also have kinky fetish. Which is once a week, they will do Dig*mon cosplay sex and act like the Dig*mon itself. Not only that, they also record it with a camera for personal use! CG Collection + Story Mode with dialogues The Dig*mon costumes : 1. Angewo*n 2. Lady Dig*mon 3. Lili*mon Total : 29 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


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Release date:Jan/20/2017


Waniko in the girl’s bathroom – Moe version!

Doujinshi Manga

Waniko in the girl's bathroom - Moe version!

Remake of the popular toilet girl / swallowing series! The action continues into a maid cafe and girl’s school. Specially violating nipple insertion and anal swallow fetishes are all-new fetishes only seen here. Cum time sprays milk, creatures crawl into orifices, internal bowel views. The most popular work on the circle’s website. 27 monochrome pages total. This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle.

Circle:Mashiba Kenta



Release date:Nov/09/2010


Soldiers vs Girls!

Anime / Submitting Man Academy Animation Software

Soldiers vs Girls!

A group of evil soldiers find 2 little girls alone in a playground and they decide to test their aim, so the evil soldiers start to shoot these girls. The girls managed to escape, and one of them using a slingshot, hits the shrink grenades of the captain. The explosion made all soldiers shrink! This animation tells the history of 2 shrunken soldiers, the captain got caught by the little girls and they decided to bury the captain alive using a mini coffin! The other soldier managed to escape, but he broke his leg when he was running, now he is in the path of a schoolgirl about to be crushed! The tiny soldier will be all the day stuck under her shoes, until she finally notices him there and decides to step harder to crush him! Watch the animation and enjoy how the girls dominate the tiny soldiers, the first soldier is buried alive in a mini grave by two little girls, and the other soldier is stuck on the soles of a schoolgirl, you will watch the schoolgirl stepping on the tiny soldier all the day and in the end she will crush him like a bug. Enjoy replays in another cameras and slow motion too, showing better what happened. To be buried alive is a fetish related to masochism, I never saw in Internet any animation illustrating this fetish, this animation is probably the first to explore this fetish.

Circle:Giantess Fetish

Categories:Software,Anime / Submitting Man Academy Animation


Release date:Jun/15/2017


Prison 2!

Digital Comic Software

Prison 2!

100 years from now, most part of the world has been dominated by noble class, women as majority. Low class race people are used as servants, beast of burden, lab rat and slaves. Some people ran away and fight back with despair. It is duty of female commander to hunt and torture them. Commander show no mercy on crushing the rebel. She treated her prisoners like pet dog. She plans to bring the new slave to God room. The comic is 30 pages long with some color pages. Comic contains femdom, trample, boot/feet worship, whipping, car crush and pee etc. Website: qjojotaro.deviantart.com

Circle:Crush You

Categories:Software,Digital Comic


Release date:May/15/2015


Japanese-style punishments: part one!

Doujinshi Novel

Japanese-style punishments: part one!

New episodes by Kanti Okumura! Here, you can enjoy Japanese-style spanking stories: the girls will be punished by their fathers, mothers, and even by doctors and nurses. Not only will they be spanked, but they will also be embarrassed by okyuu (moxibustion – an acupuncture treatment) and peeing. * Short story: Dr.Saijyou’s Discipline Treatment M/F Yuuko is a junior college student. The past few years, she has been attending to one hospital to treat her illness. With her sweet looks, she begins to act selfishly to her doctor, Kazuki Saijyou. The doctor decided that Yuuko needed mental care before treating her physically. One day, when Yuuko skipped her appointment for the third time, Dr. Saijyou decides to give her a discipline treatment at her house. * Medium story: Rehab Hospital: Where Doctors Specialize in Punishments F/F The Rehab hospital is the one and only hospital in Japan that specializes in spankees. A whole ward is dedicated for their treatment, where doctors treat the patients’ mind and body with punishments of all sorts. Two weeks is the required minimum for hospitalization, and no one is allowed to leave before the two-week limit. Rehabilitation menu depends on the patient, but there is a basic that every patient follows: spanking before breakfast, and punishments after the doctor’s rounds, which are done in front of doctors and nurses. Patients could be punished for many reasons: amount of body waste, body temperature, amount of eating, breaking hospital rules, weight control, age, and so on. For those who make no improvement on their blood pressure or sugar level, an especially severe punishment awaits. * Short story: Curiosity Spanked the Girl F/F These days, it has become Natsuki’s habit to secretly borrow her sister, Kayo’s porn magazine and masturbate. One day, she was so lost in her orgasm that she didn’t notice her sister had returned home. Finding her younger sibling indulging in an act inappropriate for a girl her age, Kayo takes Natsuki to her room. The elder sister places the younger, and spanks her ass while scolding her as well. Unfortunately for Natsuki, Kayo is not done yet; a very hot punishment awaits the precocious girl… * Long story: DOM: Anti-Naughty Girls Organization FF/FM 2XXX A.D., Tokyo. More youngsters commit crime, while the adults are losing their moral and ethics. To attend to this social crisis, one non-government organization is established: DOM. When DOM spots a girl staying late at night regardless of their age, they spank her as a mother or sister, and educate them until she becomes a good girl. Following the establishment of Re-education of Naughty Girls Act, the organization makes a treaty with many of the world’s countries. In short, the treaty agreed on punishing the girls by spanking or by any other means necessary. DOM is now an international organization, and becomes IMSDO. DOM does not stop there; recently, it proposed a revision for the Re-education of Naughty Girls Act. The revision stated that for the Naughty Girls defined in the Act, if the girl in question was a legal majority, she lost her grown-up qualification indefinitely, and if the girl was a minor, she lost whatever qualification she had depending on her age. The girls were to be educated by their fellow mothers and sisters, until they were able to act accordingly to their age. Written by: Kanti Okumura Transled by: ORIKO Website: http://xn--t8jg1hce67da3680ddrbu39u09e.com/

Circle:Spanky Communication


Genre:Female Doctor,Nurse,SM,Spanking

Release date:Oct/12/2017


Lost Under Their Feet!

Anime / Loli / Submitting Boy / School Animation Software

Lost Under Their Feet!

A group of scientists created a liquid called shrink juice, this liquid can shrink anyone who dares to drink! The main scientist of this project, decided to take the liquid to his home before the main meeting. His son decided to do a party in this day with his friends, so, when they were preparing the house for the party, the boys saw the shrink juice bottle and decided to drink by thinking it’s some kind of cherry cocktail or blue vodka. So, all boys have a bug size now and before any of them could escape, the little sister arrived from school with another girls to help his brother to prepare the house for the party (but the poor boy and his friends have a bug size now). The product comes in two video files, the first video is the prelude in comic style telling the full history. The second video is the sequence, and it’s all animated, showing the schoolgirls killing the tiny boys with their dirty bare feet.

Circle:Giantess Fetish

Categories:Software,Anime / Loli / Submitting Boy / School Animation

Genre:Fetish,Loli,Younger Sister,School,SM

Release date:Jul/25/2017


I wanna be your Queen!

Digital Comic / Yaoi Bondage / Shota Manga Software

I wanna be your Queen!

Ryan is really into black guys. When his friend Gabriel told him, that his cousin wants to have a f*ck with him, Ryan can’t wait to visit him. Samuel is a huge fan of bondage and torture, and would like to show Ryan his world of sexual fantasies. Ryan likes the idea right away to be his slave – or his Queen – for this afternoon. So it doesn’t take long until the boys start something really nasty. But suddenly, the little brother stands in the room and ask naughty questions … maybe a story that will be told another time! Short Comic Strip, 14 pages with about 30 images.


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Yaoi Bondage / Shota Manga


Release date:Jun/12/2017


R*BY box One!

CG Set Software

R*BY box One!

RUBY from R*BY her to be caught in trap. She was tortured.

Circle:Red Axis

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Release date:Nov/08/2017 midnight (JST)