Idol Sex Scandal!

Software Voice / Fantasy Loli Animation

Idol Sex Scandal!

This 9 minute animation tells the story of new model Lindsey, flying to Japan from America to make her new career. Scandal follows in that Lindsey is doing more than modelling. This horny little sex creature enjoys having sex on camera for your pleasure. Watch her in two scenes having playful rub sex, giving oral pleasure, and then being fully penetrated in her ass. All manners of pleasure and positions this girl enjoys on camera, including doggy, cowgirl, and missionary. She receives two creampies and a facial cumshot. Here is to Lindsey and the beginning of her career!


Categories:Software,Voice / Fantasy Loli Animation

Genre:Loli,Swimwear,Internal Cumshot,Consensual Sex,Anal,Virgin Female

Release date:Jul/28/2017


Polon memories underwater reverie (Language: English)!

CG Set Software

Polon memories underwater reverie (Language: English)!

A young girl came from a small island. Allegedly. Her name was Polon. She loved to swim, or to be precise, stay under water. Something mystical, almost mythical, about her love of the water… (English language version) The translation was done by the circle. 12 illustrations + 4 reorganized types for 16 total. (all works are unreleased illustrations except for one) 1900×1200 HD, resized into 3 patterns for easy viewing Full screen oceanic animation via UW image viewer. Atmospheric audio effects (water) can be enjoyed. Subtitles provide a mini adventure game feeling. * Created for Core2/Atom CPU but can likely be used with older systems * No DirectX or high spec requirements – simply enjoy!


Categories:Software,CG Set


Release date:Mar/09/2011



Anime Software


* Jan 14th 2017 – Updated to ENGLISH Ver.! Won’t you return to that summer. To a time of boyhood, on vacation with that special one? I went to live with my older cousin that summer. We went to the nearby beach together. I remember she took her top off. It was my awakening. Bewildered I submit to her guidance. Me and onesan started a sexual affair that summer. Morning noon and night, a summer of love! Ecchi animations comprising a hybrid of novel game + 3DCGs Enjoy each scene and their many situations. CV: Usagi Yuki * Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.

Circle:studio rain


Genre:Swimwear,First Experience,Internal Cumshot,Big Breasts,Hairless

Release date:Dec/15/2016


Media Women’s Pro Wrestling ~Vengeance~!

Doujinshi Manga

Media Women's Pro Wrestling ~Vengeance~!

The members of Media Women’s Pro Wrestling do not fight before audiences, but they film the games in their dedicated ring instead. Therefore their fights are based on the dramatized scenario, often performed by outsiders with no experience in pro wrestling… This time the match between a newbie idol wrestler and a strong mature woman wrestler will be recorded, but something goes wrong… JPEG file format / 43 pages * This product contains the expression of bleeding and violence.




Release date:Nov/16/2017 midnight (JST)