Tentacle Run!

Action / Endless Hentai Runner Game

Tentacle Run!

Try to escape from the hive cave in this endless runner full of tentacle action! PC controls: up arrow: jump down arrow: roll Android controls: swipe up: jump swipe down: roll


Categories:Game,Action / Endless Hentai Runner

Genre:Violence,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex,Big Breasts

Release date:Aug/28/2015


ViotoXica -Vore Exploring Action RPG-!

Action Game

ViotoXica -Vore Exploring Action RPG-!

* A princess in a pure white dress, wholly devoured by a Monster. Like, OMG… Vore is so CUTE! * That there, that is the kind of feelings that prompted the creation of this game. Ver.1.01——————————————————————– – Added a strength testing area Jihama the prison island of despair After you have cleared the game you can travel here. Only in this area can you get a game over from enemy damage. – On the world map added a feature for easier identifying the connections between different areas. – When standing onto of area warp points, area name is now displayed – When losing in a boss fight which causes game over, players now have the option to resurrect with full CP. – Fixed a bug that dispalyed CP incorrectly when the CP exceeds 1000. – Altered the damage equation for poison swamps / lava areas touched just after warping into a new area. —————————————————————————— * Game Overview A 2D sidescrolling exploration action RPG full of Vore Monsters! When our heroine princess Cheryl is defeated by one of these monsters she is wholly devoured and an erotic movie of her struggle begins. * Story The heroine of this game Cheryl is a princess who has been incarcerated on island Veria. While it was bad enough this desolate island is not shown on any map and thus Cheryl cannot hope to be rescued… the island is absolutely swarming with VORE MONSTERS! Can our princess escape ‘safely’ from this lair of vore monsters? Or… – Players can freely travel and explore the map, returning to any previous points. It is also possible to save the game at any time. – By obtaining key items, the character can proceed to previously locked locations thus expanding the range of exploration available. – By obtaining magical / special items the character can; double jump, roll (dodge), pick up heavy objects, high jump, reduce heat damage, etc. – As Cheryl’s level increases, the player can choose from 5 types of level up styles. – By spending skill points skills can be obtained. 3 focus type branches: Attack / Life / Mobility – Through the art of alchemy, combine elements and crystal to create new equipment. – Trophy and achievement system implemented (with bonuses for completion) – Trial version You can trial out how the game feels for free, so by all means try out the demo and check how it runs on your system before purchasing. (You can transfer save data from the trial version to the full version) Production: Xi http://b.dlsite.net/RG04080/ https://twitter.com/Xi_vore CV: Oyama Chiroru



Genre:Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Vore,Restraint,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex,Ryona/Brutal

Release date:Nov/11/2016


Revolution! Orc Castle – Disgraced Battle Maidens in Heat (English version)!

Game Simulation

Revolution! Orc Castle - Disgraced Battle Maidens in Heat (English version)!

———————————- Key Sales Point ———————————- – A stunning trap simulation humiliation adventure! Capture the Battle Maidens who intrudes the Orc Castle! A new trap simulation game where you humiliate and capture the Battle Maidens! – Female fighter, female assassin, female mage, princess! Give humiliating punishments to traditional professions of role playing games! H-scenes varies depending on which monster captures the girls! It’s up to the players which monster captures them! – Break the Battle Maidens’ armor using various traps! Their punishment doesn’t stop even after they are stripped naked! Humiliating poses depending on the trap! The orc’s giant penis awaits at the end! – Game can be played with just the mouse. – Unlimited continues, even if you lose. ———————————- Story ———————————- Long ago, in the Age of the Gods, there was a country ruled by orcs known as the ‘Orc Kingdom’ in the northern most reaches of Europe. The monarch of that country, the ‘Orc King,’ was fearfully regarded as invincible. Flexing his martial might, he embarked on imperial conquest across the land. The Orc Kingdom’s expansion knew no bounds, in time encroaching on the very edges of ‘Asgard,’ a human country under divine protection. Hostilities between the two nations were brewing when the Orc King’s attention turned to another concern: his son, the ‘Orc Prince.’ For many, the Orc Prince’s aggressive, narcissistic behavior–the result of a spoiled upbringing–had long been a subject of contention. It was only common sense to question the competence of the Orc Prince, who had merely rattled his saber thus far. After pained deliberation, the Orc King, out of consideration for his followers, appointed the prince to the front lines: to ‘Orc Castle.’ The prince would either demonstrate his competencies, allaying skepticism, or die trying. The Orc Prince rounded out his arrival speech in high spirits, disregarding the concerned glances of his followers. The dark elf and advisor to the king ‘Misty’ was dispatched to Orc Castle along with the prince. The Orcs could neither advance nor retreat so under her advice the castle’s defences were to be tightened. Today another brave (or perhaps ‘foolish’ is more appropriate) Battle Maiden, gunning for the Orc Prince’s head, will intrude upon Orc Castle… ———————————- Characters ———————————- * Protagonist Prince Orc He was the first born prince to the Orc King and, as such, was spoiled rotten by him during his upbringing. He has been known to make a point of signing imperial declarations with his full title ‘His Royal Highness, Prince Orc’ where a seal would suffice. In addition he is known to be overbearing with those weaker than himself, but demonstrate extreme cowardice when threatened by those stronger than him. His condescending outlook is readily apparent from his speech mannerisms. He has nothing in the way of battle or magical aptitude. His only saving grace is a penchant for petty intellectualism. ‘Heeha, I’m the chosen one. Everyone around me just can’t see that because I’ve chosen not to dazzle them with my brilliance!’ * The Orc Prince’s Instructor Misty | CV: Mana Arikawa Species: Dark-elf | Profession: Witch A sexy, bespectacled older woman: Her clan has long-served the Orc Royal House. She has a calm, collected demeanour that allows her to strategize rationally, and this may be part of why she is the strongest mage in the Orc Army’s ranks. Under the Orc King’s orders she serves the Orc Prince as his instructor-cum-personal assistant. In practice, her role generally consists of keeping the clueless Orc Prince abreast of ongoing affairs. * Thudr | CV: Rin Tanba Profession: Warrior The chief of the ‘Red Lightning’ mercenary group: A female warrior that embarks on skirmishes in a skimpy set of bikini armor. She’s somewhat lacking in brains, but compensates with a maternal, elderly sister attitude and iron will. She infiltrates Orc Castle on her own, hoping to make a name for herself. ‘Come on! Come on! I’ll be taking the general’s head! I bet someone will pay a fortune for it!’ * Raskris | CV: Misato Yukino Profession: Female Assassin A female assassin: Under order of the Asgardian King to make a hit on the Orc Prince. She is half-beastfolk, half-human. She’s cool-headed and thoughtful, but is remarkably clumsy at the most critical of moments. ‘…It’s nothing personal…This is just business……’ * Rune | CV: Shiki Hanamura Profession: Witch A legendary witch with a pointlessly skimpy wardrobe: She has a graceful girlishness about her and her every gesture and motion exudes sexiness… To the point where it’s pointless… Her inverted nipples are a particular point of interest. She is over 200 years old but through magical suspension she has managed to retain her youthful appearance. She’s also acquainted with Misty. ‘Aaahn. I’ll drop these low-rank nobodies in a blink.’ * Hilda | CV: Kinako Hatsubashi Profession: Princess The first-born princess of Asgard: Hostilities are currently brewing between her country and The Orc Kingdom. She has been bestowed with the divine protection of the Chief God, Odin. She heads to the battlefield, the holy blade Balmung in hand, in lieu of the bedridden King Baldur. Her dignified mannerisms and refined speech give her an air of elegance. ‘In the name of peace for all mankind, Gods of Asgard! Bless this, my holy blade, with your power!’ ———————————- Monsters ———————————- – Orc Soldier The Orc Prince’s loyal minions. They protect the orc castle from the adventures. However, they don’t like the selfish Orc Prince much. – Roper A monster who have numerous tentacles grown from its body. It can not speak. It produces an aphrodisiac within its body, and its surface is moist with this aphrodisiac. When it is fully excited, it secretes a large amount of aphrodisiac from the tip of its tentacles. – Ogre An human shaped monster that is wild, cruel, and lewd. They are also known as trolls. Their dirty appearance show no sign of intelligence, and they are very stinky. They have a huge c*ck, and whenever they see a female, they try to have sex with them, regardless of race. – Mimic A monster who is disguised as a treasure chest and they have a long arm, legs, and tongue. They have a vulgar personality and keeps on talking about things they don’t need to but since their mouth is always open, they always have a lot of saliva. – Slime A slimy amoeba form monster without a set shape. Not only can it not speak, we don’t even know where its mouth is. However, it’s certain that they move accordingly to some kind of will, and they also have sexual desires. – Catoblepas A monster with an magical eye that petrifies anyone who looks at its eyes into stone. They have a drooping pig’s head, a body of a buffalo, and a thin neck. Contrary to their look, they are more intelligent than a human, and have a dignified personality. – Sand Worm A monster living in the sands. They are always seeking for food, and swallows anything who enters their nest all together. They have an ability that emits a fume similar to aphrodisiac, and those that are swallowed are digested slowly while feeling pleasure. They have a long tongue and numerous tentacles in their mouth. Description: Event CG: 13 scenes with variants Text size: 140KB or more Voice: Female Full Voice Illustrations: Hikaru Migakeba Scenario: Hikaru Migakeba/Alamar Chinkokusai/Honda Kyoro Voice: Mana Arikawa/Rin Tanba/Shiki Hamura/Kinako Hatsubashi/Misato Yukino

Circle:Hentai Industries


Genre:Fantasy,Egg Production,Violation,Tentacle,Animal Ears

Release date:Sep/19/2016


Tapioca Milk – shower room of desire!

CG+Novel Software

Tapioca Milk - shower room of desire!

This original CG novel is fully in English! * Main Features 16 main erotic images + 43 variations for 59 images And a further 9 non-erotic images for 68 images total 1280×960 size * Bonus Features 62 images without story/narration or effects 1600×1200 size * Please note that the narration is from the male POV (very few female dialogue) * Warning: depicts some mock pregnancy and childbirth * Story A lolicon otaku stares inappropriately at a little girl. He is her new neighbor. He doesn’t say anything, but he keeps staring her. Head to toe, openly fantasizing. Her name is Natsumi Toba. His eyes linger on her coquettish body. She is uncomfortable by his gaze. When she wears a swimsuit to the waterpark knowing he can see her makes her feel sick. But fun at the waterpark outshines her unpleasant feelings. In the showers at the park she encounters a jelly-like creature. Its squirming limbs caress her inner thigh and stroke delicately across her chest. At first she’s terrified, but the touching makes her tingle in special places. Gradually she becomes intoxicated with the lukewarm fluid and begins to crave its pleasure. Several times she visits the creature. She tells a friend about her secret garden. But what she doesn’t know is that this creature that she loves most in all the world is actually the man she hates more than anything else. And without knowing, she indulges a deepening lust.

Circle:Bingo Tart


Genre:Loli,Middle-age,Swimwear,Internal Cumshot,Childbirth,Tentacle

Release date:Jan/07/2014



Anime Software


Soldier girls Megumi and Kumiko succumb to carapace beast and electric torture in a This product is new version from old version. For more details please visit: http://www.ararza.com/a2_original/proj_330/conts010.htm




Release date:Dec/22/2011


SD Quest!

Game RPG / Fantasy RPG

SD Quest!

RPG Maker VX ACE RPG (rtp required) Follow the Story of Kenzie and Lili’s escape from sexual enslavement in this chibi/super deformed RPG. Featuring the ability to tie up or strip enemies mid combat, and have it done to you too! A simple and comedic story of two girls from different worlds seized by the slavers, help them fight their way to the portal back to their home. Most content in the game comes from the scenes that play out when you lose to enemies, not all of which lead to a Game over. Please confirm compatibility by playing the demo.


Categories:Game,RPG / Fantasy RPG

Genre:Bondage,Yuri/Girls Love,Tentacle

Release date:Feb/27/2016


LITTLE WITCH FUCK! (Text: English)!

Doujinshi Manga

LITTLE WITCH FUCK! (Text: English)!

Little Witch Fuck! Is a story featuring Saeki from B*BLE BLACK. Saeki-san angers a witch and is violated to the point where she becomes pregnant! This production includes tentacles, violation, and menage a trois. Includes JPEG and PDF versions. Little Witch Fuck is 23 pages in total.

Circle:Pyramid house



Release date:Jul/07/2008


Stroke of Madness – A Lovecraftian VN!

Adventure Game

Stroke of Madness - A Lovecraftian VN!

This game is based in the H.P. Lovecraft universe. It is my first visual novel. Hope you like it. Eloise looks for her butler. Meanwhile she hears a weird noise from nowhere.




Release date:Jul/09/2014