Breast Fight – Sexy Tiles!

Game Puzzle / Cat Fighting / Lesbian Puzzle

Breast Fight - Sexy Tiles!

It’s breast to breast titfighting! But first you must complete the puzzle by breaking the tiles. Get Apples, get Cherries, avoid Bombs avoid Stopsigns, and DON’T LET TIME RUN OUT! Win the puzzle to sit back and watch these two girls go for SUPER BREAST FIGHT!


Categories:Game,Puzzle / Cat Fighting / Lesbian Puzzle

Genre:Fetish,Wrestler/Fighter,Cat Fight,Breast Sex,Lesbian

Release date:Jul/13/2017


Media Women’s Pro Wrestling ~Vengeance~!

Doujinshi Manga

Media Women's Pro Wrestling ~Vengeance~!

The members of Media Women’s Pro Wrestling do not fight before audiences, but they film the games in their dedicated ring instead. Therefore their fights are based on the dramatized scenario, often performed by outsiders with no experience in pro wrestling… This time the match between a newbie idol wrestler and a strong mature woman wrestler will be recorded, but something goes wrong… JPEG file format / 43 pages * This product contains the expression of bleeding and violence.




Release date:Nov/16/2017 midnight (JST)