BUZAMA 2: Humiliating New Frontiers

A whole new world of fetishes awaits… Buzama is back with even more unsightly sex! And with a whole new setting and characters, you don’t even need to play the first one! Our heroes are tasked with investigating the floating continent that appeared over the kingdom… only to find that the place is packed with perverts! Oh well, get ‘em! They’re a nuisance! Includes male and female heroes! This time around, you’ve got two heroes to choose from: sister Fuyou and brother Kageto. The H scenes are, of course, different for each, so pick your poison and have fun! You can switch characters at any time! Features! The gallery is fully unlocked from the start (careful of spoilers)! Find certain items to increase your attack and breeze through the hard parts! Unique bosses with equally unique battles! Easy retries, no matter how many times you die! You can even skip H scenes you don’t like! After the ending roll, fight against super powered up bosses for an even bigger challenge! H scenes can be turned off if you just want the action! Everything’s powered-up since the last game! Over 75 CGs! (37 for the brother, 37 for the sister, and 1 shared by both) Plus a bonus CG for completionists! Bosses Plucem (Slime vore) A giant slime that loves to swallow stuff whole! Lilizuma (Motherification) Likes to change both men and women into thicc mommies so she can get some milk! Luvunuk (Brainwashing) The leader of a strange organization. Likes to brainwash people. More girls! Sato the mushroom girl Aria the rich girl! Noice 2, the mystery girl! Flantos the goddess! Mio the femboy! Darkroot the black magician! Kalmaj the squid girl! Mare the necromancer! Ematuck the sorceress! And the last boss… Bug Info There are some instances in which the game refuses to launch. This is usually due to the necessary program not being installed on your computer. If you receive an error message, search online to see what the solution may be.

Circle:Ende AA


Genre:Female Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Abnormal / Perverted,Shota,Lesbian

Release date:04/26/2023