College Brawl

Story- You play as Ken(Main Game) and Anko (Alternate story) in this game. Ken- Your friend were under attack by a group called Red Katz Gang. Now it’s upto you to get back their belongings. Anko- Someone has made contract with one of fearsome gang in order to get your x-rated videos. While you were away they attacked classmates. Can you save them from these bad guys? Controls:- Left/Right – Move D- Punch S- Jump A- Ki Power (Bat swing for Anko) F- H Scene (Ken only) V- HP Points (Ken only) E- Heal R- Revive (Ken only) There are total 36 sex animation and 10 erotic images to unlock. Once the main game is beaten, Anko’s story is playable through extras menu. Update: Jan 2020, Version 1.1:- -Boss 3 frozen bug fix. -Main title in Japanese. -Boss difficulty reduced.

Circle:LAG Studios


Genre:School / Academy,Blowjob / Fellatio,Rape

Release date:01/21/2020