Girl & Chainsaw (for macOS)

The zombie apocalypse has come. In a locked-down sector of the city, a high-flying tale of gal, chainsaw, and zombies unfolds! A game for all those B-movie fans who love seeing chainsaws cutting down zombies and other ghoulish creatures! Explore the school freely, and try to escape the overrun town! Contains 3 endings, including an evil corruption-by-ero route. Playtime: Approx. 4 hours – Fully voiced – All H-scenes are fully animated – Gamepad compatible – Japanese / English text options – All-ages mode included – Windows/Mac compatible (Note: This is the Mac version, the Windows version is sold separately). – Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility with your system or device. Teaser site: Follow our socials for the latest info: Twitter: Ci-en: Escape a School Overrun with Zombies! A certain virus has caused zombies to suddenly appear, and they are wrecking havoc all over the town! The area is locked down with no escape routes, supplies, or even communication methods. With the whole zone cut-off from the world, everyone is left to themselves when it comes to survival. Our protagonist Hime Amano finds herself at a school just outside the lockdown zone, trying to film the dangerous area, so she can leak the video online for money. Suddenly, a car crashes through the barricades, and zombies pile into the schoolyard! All that stands between Hime and a gruesome end is a trusty chainsaw… Fully Voiced & Animated H Scenes! Game System Event Scenes Enjoy the Hime’s detailed expressions in 3D as the game story unfolds. Certain events have cut-scenes as well. Strip System Taking damage from zombies and other creatures will damage your clothes. When the clothes are completely destroyed, a cut-scene will play… H-scenes H-scenes play out like your usual text-based adventure / visual novel game. All scenes are fully voiced (in Japanese) by 3 veteran voice actresses and fully animated. Localization The game supports Japanese (text and voice) and English (text only). The game’s controls can also be configured to “gamepad”, “keyboard only”, and “keyboard + mouse”. Characters Hime Amano A high-flying, chainsaw-wielding gal! A streamer who is bored because the internet has been cut in the lockdown zone. She plans to escape the area, and sell a leaked video of the town for big money. Iyo Sasakawa The prim and proper honor student. She tried to organize the students and barricade the school, but all hell broke loose, the students scattered or became zombies, and she has locked herself in a small room for the time being. Lunaria A mysterious lady from abroad who seems to know of a way to escape the lockdown area…



Genre:Female Protagonist,3D Works,Student,Gal,Zombie,Uniform,Violation,Interspecies Sex

Release date:07/18/2022