Saint Maribel

3D Action RPG Maribel is a Sister of the Cathedral Church and a fitter of the Holy Sword Farwell. One day, the Queen Succubus, who was supposed to have been defeated by Sister Alicia, the previous Conformist and the one who raised Maribel, is resurrected. In order to defeat the holy sword wielder, the succubus charms the priest that Maribel adores. To lift the curse, Maribel sets out on a journey to defeat the succubus. It’s a dark world, with large-scale wars with neighboring countries, and demons infesting the land. But the people who live there are cheerful and a little lewdness. The girls in the game are all naughty! “Saint Lady Maribel” Maribel grew up in the convent of St. Lucia, which gathers children with no relatives. She is kind and treats everyone without distinction. She is fond of the priest she grew up with. In order to save the priest from the curse of the succubus, she goes to the castle of the succubus, which is infested with demons. “Queen Succubus” She was defeated by Alicia who is previous fitter of Farwell, but has returned. She has a castle that was destroyed in the war as her stronghold and is increasing her crew. Her words and actions are young and a bit silly. She feels threatened by the holy sword user, so she charms the priest and makes him attack Maribel. “Tanya” Wandering merchant. Originally a dark elf who lived in an elf forest. She got fed up with the old traditions and ran away from her village. Occasionally, she returns home to sell the naughty magic tools she buys in the human village and disturb the elves’ morals. She is a friend to adventurers who open stores even in dangerous dungeons. “Alchemy” A genius perverted alchemist. She believes in the potential of potions and devotes herself entirely to their research. It is said that people who drink the potions make gain incredible power. She enjoys sexually harassing girls, and demands Maribel her breast milk and pee as materials. Evolution of Metroidvania-style action RPG Action RPG The dungeon consists of a battle stage where you fight enemies, a resting stage with Alchemy and Tanya, and a stage with hidden treasure chests. By defeating enemies and collecting mana, you can acquire powerful skills and abilities. Create powerful magic tools by smelting them. Ask Alchemy to make potions for you to level up. Let’s challenge the strong enemy! Character Make The character makeup is even more powerful. You can change the color pattern of a single costume, and the body shape is one of the largest in doujin history. The concept of accessories has been introduced, allowing you to create even more unique characters. More costumes based on the theme of sisters will be added in updates. At first less costumes. Sex Scene If you are defeated in a battle stage, you will enter a sex scene (you can see it from the reminiscence scene even if you pass the stage normally). If Maribel’s opponent is a demon, she will be mercilessly humiliated! If her opponent is a human, she will be drugged with a suspicious potion, and She’ll be a whore.



Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Female Protagonist,3D Works,Sister / Nun,Internal Cumshot,Violation,Interspecies Sex,Big Breasts

Release date:12/11/2021