Ticklish Escape!

Summary The game is simple: avoid the monster and escape the dungeon! Get caught and it’s Game Over! That’s when the tickling begins. If you don’t get caught, you’ll be able to escape in about 10 seconds… but that’s a big if! The dungeon is crawling with monsters, so a perfect run your first time through is a tall order. If you can make it through all ten rooms, you’ll be free… Stages: 10 4 tickling events After you’ve seen an event, you can watch it again via “event reminiscence.” You can only open the menu and save at rest points. [Story] Noel the Adventurer has arrived to save the kidnapped girls from their demonic captors. Frightened by the ticklish torments she witness, however, Noel puts her guard down and becomes trapped in the dungeon herself! The dungeon is so steeped in monstrous malice that it looks unlikely that she’ll ever get out on her own. Will she beat the odds and escape along with the kidnapped girls? Includes an English version! Open the “KE_vX.X_en” file to play with the English version

Circle:Ash’s Forest


Genre:Female Protagonist,RPG Maker,Tickling,Tentacle

Release date:12/25/2020