Framboise Dreams

We’re glad to present another adventure game from Framboise series. Franny used to spent night in a forest and she has a very weird dream … Meet horny monsters, solve puzzles, get pregnant and find a way to get back from this dark dream. 4 executables provided: depending on monitor/video card hardware, player can choose what fit the best. Available resolutions are: – 1270 x 720 – 1270 x 800 – 1270 x 960 – 1366 x 768 We recommend to play game without any other programs running in the background to be sure in game video clips are running smooth and without lagging. Hope, you have fun!

Circle:Pink Pencil


Genre:Fetish,3D Works,Prostitution / Paid Dating,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Interspecies Sex

Release date:08/02/2020