My Pet Situation Vol. 1 (Adult Ver.)

My Pet Situation Vol. 1 The angel Mint was ordered to come down to the human world, but during her journey she used up her strength and collapsed. Our hero, an ordinary college student, just happened to be passing by at the same time. He saved her, and took her back to his place to recuperate. And her cute, honest, and a little bit cheeky personality made him fall head-over-heels in love. The angel with dog ears and a tail starts calling him “Master”, and becomes something like a pet. Their new life together is just as sweet as it is fun… But then a beastly demon named Lily appears, along with Mint’s angelic little sister Cacao. As if things weren’t crazy enough already…! This is the adults only version of the story, and includes the R18 DLC built-in. You cannot play the all-ages version through this release. Characters Mint Birthday: June 26th Height: 150cm Weight: 40kg Likes: Family, her master Dislikes: Tomatoes Hobby: Walking Special Ability: ??? An angel who came from heaven in search of something. She’s a bit mischievous, but she’s so thankful to have been rescued that she wants to take care of her savior in return… even if it doesn’t quite end up that way. Lily Birthday: September 12th Height: 160cm Weight: 48kg Likes: Mint, her master Dislikes: Boredom Hobby: Teasing Mint Special Ability: Erasing her presence A beastgirl demon. She has an exceptional figure and often teases Mint with it. She’s usually quite carefree, but reliable when she needs to be. Cacao Birthday: April 7th Height: 146cm Weight: 38kg Likes: Her sister (Mint) Dislikes: Vile swine Hobby: String figures Special Ability: Rejuvenation Mint’s little sister, another angel. She came to the human realm out of worry for her sister.

Circle:Animal Herb


Genre:Moe,Sisters,Angel / Demon,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Living Together,Boyish Girl,Nekomimi,Animal Ears

Release date:06/10/2022