Busty and the Beast: NTR - Kaori, Wife of the Dog!

A brand new original and intense story about a beautiful busty housewife who is cheating on her husband and having bestiality with her pet dog. Kaori (40) a married woman and a housewife. She lives with her husband, Kenichi (32). They have a son, Kaito (9) and an old dog, Goldie. One day, Kenichi has to work overseas for 1 month. At first, everything fine… But later, Kaori who have very high libido start to have sexual frustration and masturbate with dildo every night. So how Kaori can have sex with Goldie, her dog ? See the story inside. How a human feel pleasure from animal penis. Total : 29 CG (saved in highest quality JPEG)


Categories:Software,CG+Novel / Perverted CG Collection + Novel

Genre:Married Woman,Cheating,Cuckoldry,Bestiality

Release date:Jun/12/2017