A cute girl walked into the men's locker room!

A pretty girl walked into the men’s locker room. The boy went to this secluded pool every day. On that day, there were almost no other customers, and the pool was reserved for the entire day. The boy spends his time naked in the changing room because there was no one there. But then a pretty girl walks in! The boy shows his naked body to the girl, thinking he will never see her again… This work is a collection of screenshots of the game Number of sheets 171 This work is a work of CFNM There is no depiction of sexual intercourse. I use a translation app, so there may be some unnatural parts. Thank you for your understanding. (English product description provided by the creator.) Warning: The creator has specifically pointed out that the English is a machine translation.



Genre:Moe,Abnormal / Perverted, Girl,Loli,Boy,Shota,Softcore Eroticism,Outdoor Exposure

Release date:10/27/2023