DOEMU TENSEI! -Reincarnated in the otome game world, but the ladies are too sadistic!-

Another world reincarnated harem! ◆ Synopsis The hero lives by inertia every day and has no desire or dream. On Christmas night, he was involved in an accident and thought about his death ━━ “I wanted to throw away my virginity” He reincarnated in another world in the world of otome games that his sister had played in his previous life !? Moreover, the lady he serves is a “villain daughter” who bullies the heroine! But she doesn’t seem to be a bad person. Lady who has only the ruin route of condemnation, insult, expulsion and then missing or death. In order to change such a future, I will make full use of my knowledge of otome games to have a happy ending with the prince! …… But something itself begins to roll in his unexpected direction. … Oh, my lady? I’m a servant, eh !? You don’t need a prince? No, no nipples, whips, fuck is not good ━━! Hmm ..! The hero who is male raped by his lady and makes the masochist talent bloom. Other rival daughters appear one after another in front of him and begin to rape him! Can he really save his lady !? Splashing semen, leaking piss, squirt! “No more! It’s not good! Hah, ahh, I’m coming ━━━ !!!” Maso-man, Male Rape, Harlem Love (?) Comedy, opening here! ◆ Specifications It consists of manga + CG (including difference). ・ Full-color manga … 100P ・ Basic erotic CG …… .. 42 sheets ・ Difference ……………… 362 sheets [Main story total 504 sheets] Size 1600 × 1200 / jpg Format / Including separate textless version ◆ Play, character introduction, etc. A full-color manga + CG collection for men. Without a reversal, the hero cannot resist due to his status and circumstances as a servant. He is thoroughly raped, bullied, squeezed and loved by heroines. ・ Liatris Nipple torture / thigh job / whip torture / glans torture (man’s squirting) Forced cunnilingus (drinking urine) / seed squeezing press / squirting in pussy / piss in pussy ・ Cattleya Titty Fuck / Breastfeeding Handjob / Anal Torture by Slime (Dry Orgasm) / Hidden Fuck Cowgirl ・ Mioti Blowjob / Electric torture (male squirting) / Tight pussy rape / Strangling, Forced piss in pussy ・ Mel “Intimidating” skill (peeing with fear) / tail squeezing / blood sucking (squeezing / peeing) / anal tentacle torture cowgirl ・ Philia dick becomes a short phimosis / Blowjob before Spermarche / Spermarche creampie Virginity Loss This product contains overlapping content with the following product: “DOEMU TENSEI! -Reincarnated in the otome game world, but the ladies are too sadistic!- (Japanese) (RJ307699)”

Circle:Steel Soap Bubble


Genre:No Reverse,Lots of White Cream / Juices,Upper-class Girl,Harem,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man,Urination / Peeing,Squirting / Gushing

Release date:01/26/2021