InterRacial Love 2 - Captain Dog & the Shiniganimals

CG collection of the great Captain Dog, Kumamura, and his beautiful sexy female Shinigami which he turns into various Anima for his own mating purposes! The Shiginami that turned into Shiniganimals : – Kotetsu as a Rabbit – Mama Unohana as a Milk Cow – Nana as a Pig – Rangiku as a Succubus – Sui Feng as a Dog The first part shows Kumamura mating with them, but none of them can fully satisfy Kumamura. The second part shows Kumamura mating with his beloved Black Cat, ex Captain Yoruichi, who gets impregnated and gives birth to Kumamura’s offspring. But because of that, the sex scandal was found out by the leader of Gotei 13 ! What will become of Kumamura, Yoruichi and their “childrens” ? Story included Total : 29 CGs (saved in highest quality JPEG) This product is written in English.



Genre:Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Kemo / Animalization / Transfur,Bestiality

Release date:11/10/2016