MetsuRoku - Urakataden -

You are NOT the protagonist. You are a nameless face in the background. But even though that may be so, you want to get friendly with the girls just like anyone else! So, with that said… what fate awaits you…? * This product is a doujin work of Demon s*ayer (for adult males). It contains high quality pixel art. 600×400 resolution Approx. 120 CG (PNG static images + animated GIF) Ne*ko. She’s a demon girl, and my interest in her is what started the whole story. Ka*wo. A girl who makes her own decisions with coins. I took advantage of this and offered her a simple game, and she surprisingly went deeper with me…? Kan*ji-san. Excellent style. Her personality is a little loose. Let’s take advantage of the opportunity and do something naughty with her. Koc*u-sama She’s beautiful, but a little scary. I got called out. What the hell does she want with me?

Circle:The Finest Moon


Genre:Buttocks,Breasts,Dot / Pixel,Anime,Kimono / Japanese Clothes,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio,Big Breasts

Release date:06/02/2021