ONE FLAME EROTICS One Scene Ero-Manga 2019 (R15)

A set of R15 illustrations uploaded onto Twitter throughout 2019. From the illustrations uploaded on Twitter in 2019, I have collected all 179 items that can be viewed for young adult age 15 and older. Although the expression of the picture is repressive, sexual feelings may be evoked by the attached text, so please enjoy it after understanding. At the end of the book, a personalized New Year’s card for 2019 and illustration of postcard during the cold weather are also included.

Circle:Hot Spring Ninja


Genre:Clothed,Abnormal / Perverted,Clothes Changing / Dress up,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Comedy,Heartwarming,Softcore Eroticism,Sexual Bondage

Release date:03/16/2020