Sexual Ward -Young Wife Deceived By A Vicious Doctor- English Version

Sexual Ward -Young Wife Deceived By A Vicious Doctor (Product description provided by the circle) * This book is translated “Sexual Ward ~A Wife Tricked By an Evil Doctor~ (RE254251)” in English. Sexual Ward -Young Wife Deceived By A Vicious Doctor- English Version “I am only just wanted to be with you…” in order to pay her husband for treatment, an unscrupulous doctor tricks a young wife into conducting a sexual clinical trial. 【Synopsis】——————————————– The childhood friends “Kenji” and “Suzuka” were married and had a honeymoon life. One day, Kenji is hospitalized urgently after a medical examination. However,the hospital was a “sexual ward” where illegal sexual clinical trials were conducted. Suzuka will be subjected to a clinical trial of an illegal aphrodisiac to cover Kenji’s exorbitant medical expenses… 【Contents】——————————————– ・15 basic CGs, about 90 main CGs, about 50 CGs without letters ・CG size 1600×1200 pixels ・Two types: [Main volume] [text and no onomatopoeia] ・pdf for mobile viewing and Japanese version 【Staff】——————————————– Scenario illustration: KANIKORO I started Twitter! @KANIKORO8 If you would like to know the production process and release information, please follow my account. This story is a fiction and has nothing to do with real people, groups, or cases.



Genre:Breasts,Drugs,Married Woman,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Internal Cumshot,Lesbian,Blowjob / Fellatio,Big Breasts

Release date:08/27/2020