Yes-man Mika-chan

(English product description provided by the creator.) Story: Mika Sakuma is shay and yes-man. Daiki Kato, her steady boyfriend asks her to do everything. One day, they visit a luxury hotel and… It is not violence story. His psychological enforcement asks her. Ms. Mika Sakuma: She is shay and pander character. She was worried that she couldn’t find a boyfriend at her age, so she talked to her friend about it, and she introduced me to Daiki, and they started dating. They come in his room and get each other anytime. When she complained about it, he agreed to take her to a hotel. Her dream is to become a model, but she worries that her breasts are too big for a model. Mr. Daiki Kato: He belongs to a economics department of a private university. He is vain and follows the latest trends. When he was introduced to Mika-chan through a friend, he made a gut pose in his heart. He succeeded in getting her to go out with him finally. Features: – Beautiful texture The arts consists of the beauty of color illustration paint and photo-realism. – Expressive characters Combining reality and manga, expressions and gestures were beautifully expressed. – Just impressive pictures All included arts are just for your usage. You do not need to skip boring arts. Note: A footage, ‘model lesson of Mika’ is also included. It is shown in an art. Message: I have a dream to integrate the best practices of novels, anime, manga, color illustrations, and movies into 3DCG. Your feedback is welcome, and follow me if you like it.



Genre:Breasts,3D Works,Cum Swallowing,Oral Cumshot,Twin Tail,Big Breasts

Release date:12/10/2021