Curse Of The Salmon  (Language: English)!

She gets pregnant fish’s baby! Extremely Mysterious Wet and Messy Horror! Sujiko was a schoolgirl living in Hokkaido who hated salmon. Outraged by her attitude, fish-loving Shakeko cursed her! Sujiko’s body became transformed into salmon eggs (literally su-ji-ko), and she was swept upon by a Giant Salmon Egg Blob! Miserable and repulsed she vomited and vomited! She was cum inside with white fishy goo! Then Sujiko gave birth to endless offspring! (Warning: depicts grotesque imagery) Updated on 22th April 2011: This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle. Genre: Horror Comic Pages: 28 (2 color, 26 b&w) Author: Mori Kanda Publisher: Hamster Books

Circle:Mori Kanda



Release date:Dec/07/2010