Eroge Days!

The English version is included. Title: Eroge na Hibi (Eroge Days) Creator: F (Efu) Manga: Rabui A male adult-oriented transsexual fiction manga Story: Two friends are sucked into the world of an erotic J-game. One is the protagonist, the other is his supporting character. To return to the real world they need to play through the game’s feminization route, in which the supporting character becomes a girl and falls in love with the protagonist. Whether it deepens or breaks their friendship in the real world, there’s no doubt that by the end of this game, nothing will ever be the same… Manga: Eroge Days is two volumes of 21 page mangas (42 total pages). The first volume takes place in the eroge. The second follows the two friends after they finish the game and return to the real world.

Circle:F of TSF


Genre:Feminized,Transsexual,Sailor-style Uniform,Kimono/Japanese Clothes,School,Romance,Romance,Romance

Release date:Sep/21/2015