Fighting Repatriation!

Expanded! 30 pages all focusing on the masochist fighting! Story Wanting to teach Yuuya how to be a good sandbag, 5 women start a training of horror. By Kyouko and Aoba: knee kick, slaps on the face, knee drop on the face, power bomb, volley attacks, choke hold By Ryoko: Camel style torture neck attack + sock smell assault, sitting on the face + smell attack By Rie: golden shower, hip joint destruction with thighs and knees, penis band, reverse r*pe By Haruka: physiological attack, trample, choke hold, etc. *Caution: depicts hard female-dominant ryona situations. Comic by Nanohana 800 ( ) Planning and scenario by The Nation of Head Scissors ( )

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Fight,SM,Woman Rapes Man,Submissive Man

Release date:Mar/01/2016