Fighting School (English)!

***This comic is written by English*** STORY Six months ago Minami Aihara became the idol of her school when she took down top-ranked fighter Kenji Sugiura. Their one-on-one match was broadcast online and had sparked a boom of interest. A celebrity and an inspiration, Minami proved that girls could beat boys on a level field. As a result, the school’s fight club filled with new members, many of them girls. One-on-one matches of girls defeating boys were videoed and uploaded to Youtube. Rankings were made: S (best), A, B, C and D. Fans kept track of many times a girl had won, the skill level of the boys she beat, and so on. CHARACTERS Yuuya / Protagonist A student who has competed regionally. As a martial artist he has extreme confidence and fights women without delivering blows. Many girls have challenged him and many times he has won without striking them. But, now he’s somewhat forced to face off against childhood friend Haruka. Haruka / Rank A Track and field experience. She began training in mixed martial arts six months ago and has a natural affinity. She discovered this in a campus brawl and has wiped out countless male classmates. Now she wants to know, how would she fare against her old friend Yuuya? Rie / Rank S Winner of the Women’s Thai Boxing competition. Incredibly talented and fiercely believes she has what it takes to be the champion in any fight, against any gender. Yuuya has never won a competition and doesn’t know what he’s up against here. She’s looking forward to sandbagging him. Making him taste the weakness of his unearned confidence. Domination and reverse-hardcore (woman on man) fight manga for masochists. Please enjoy. Includes a blend of martial arts moves and sexual positions. Created by Nanohana 800 ( ) Special Thanks to Yui Kagura ( ) Produced and Presented by The Nation of Head Scissors ( )

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Uniform,School,Fight,SM,Submissive Man,Torture

Release date:Mar/09/2013