Japanese-style punishments: part one!

New episodes by Kanti Okumura! Here, you can enjoy Japanese-style spanking stories: the girls will be punished by their fathers, mothers, and even by doctors and nurses. Not only will they be spanked, but they will also be embarrassed by okyuu (moxibustion – an acupuncture treatment) and peeing. * Short story: Dr.Saijyou’s Discipline Treatment M/F Yuuko is a junior college student. The past few years, she has been attending to one hospital to treat her illness. With her sweet looks, she begins to act selfishly to her doctor, Kazuki Saijyou. The doctor decided that Yuuko needed mental care before treating her physically. One day, when Yuuko skipped her appointment for the third time, Dr. Saijyou decides to give her a discipline treatment at her house. * Medium story: Rehab Hospital: Where Doctors Specialize in Punishments F/F The Rehab hospital is the one and only hospital in Japan that specializes in spankees. A whole ward is dedicated for their treatment, where doctors treat the patients’ mind and body with punishments of all sorts. Two weeks is the required minimum for hospitalization, and no one is allowed to leave before the two-week limit. Rehabilitation menu depends on the patient, but there is a basic that every patient follows: spanking before breakfast, and punishments after the doctor’s rounds, which are done in front of doctors and nurses. Patients could be punished for many reasons: amount of body waste, body temperature, amount of eating, breaking hospital rules, weight control, age, and so on. For those who make no improvement on their blood pressure or sugar level, an especially severe punishment awaits. * Short story: Curiosity Spanked the Girl F/F These days, it has become Natsuki’s habit to secretly borrow her sister, Kayo’s porn magazine and masturbate. One day, she was so lost in her orgasm that she didn’t notice her sister had returned home. Finding her younger sibling indulging in an act inappropriate for a girl her age, Kayo takes Natsuki to her room. The elder sister places the younger, and spanks her ass while scolding her as well. Unfortunately for Natsuki, Kayo is not done yet; a very hot punishment awaits the precocious girl… * Long story: DOM: Anti-Naughty Girls Organization FF/FM 2XXX A.D., Tokyo. More youngsters commit crime, while the adults are losing their moral and ethics. To attend to this social crisis, one non-government organization is established: DOM. When DOM spots a girl staying late at night regardless of their age, they spank her as a mother or sister, and educate them until she becomes a good girl. Following the establishment of Re-education of Naughty Girls Act, the organization makes a treaty with many of the world’s countries. In short, the treaty agreed on punishing the girls by spanking or by any other means necessary. DOM is now an international organization, and becomes IMSDO. DOM does not stop there; recently, it proposed a revision for the Re-education of Naughty Girls Act. The revision stated that for the Naughty Girls defined in the Act, if the girl in question was a legal majority, she lost her grown-up qualification indefinitely, and if the girl was a minor, she lost whatever qualification she had depending on her age. The girls were to be educated by their fellow mothers and sisters, until they were able to act accordingly to their age. Written by: Kanti Okumura Transled by: ORIKO Website: https://xn--t8jg1hce67da3680ddrbu39u09e.com/

Circle:Spanky Communication


Genre:Female Doctor,Nurse,SM,Spanking

Release date:Oct/12/2017