A Witch and Fabricated Shadows!

This is a 3D Step-on-Shadow action game of which character you control is Shutte, The Silhouette Sorcerer and her fairy servant Ranta. She overcomes Shadow Ghouls that await her in different levels of stages, using plenty of stylish actions below: [Shadow-Pinning]: Stops enemy’s movement by restricting shadow [Shadow-Obscuring]: Hides herself in shadow [Shadow-Pupetting]: Takes control over enemy’s movements and more special arts of light and shadow are loaded! You will experience brand-new play feelings in this unheard-of ACT game!! [Length] 6~10 hours [Spec] On-board graphic card is not ideal / Recommended to use gamepad [Special Site] https://shadow.diceycraft.info/ (Please see the Play Movie here!) [Circle Site] https://blog.diceycraft.info/ [Twitter] https://twitter.com/diceycraft



Genre:Female Heroine Only,Magical Girl,Witch,Knee Socks,Fantasy,Magic

Release date:Aug/22/2017