Aku-Mu [English Subtitles]!

The password for the ZIP file: The GAME TITLE written above without bracketed contents. 6 characters long. 2 Capital Letters. One symbol. —————————————– Ichinoana’s original animation game #3! A Pers*na series Sex training & Animation Simulation Game Main character: Yukari Tak*ba Appearing characters: Eliz*beth, Mitsuri Kir*jou, Ham*ko, Rise Kujik*wa — Yukari R*pe Piss School uniform sex training Gym shorts/PE sex training School swimwear sex training Racing swimwear sex training Bikini sex training Masturbation training Bridal dress sex training Missionary Doggy style Girl on top Choking Muzzle Fellatio Vibrator Enema Bondage Tricorner wedge training — Eliz*beth Tentacles Massive penetration — Mitsuri Strip mini game R*pe — Ham*ko Strip mini game R*pe — Rise Strip mini game R*pe 1200×800 size 1900 total CGs (incl. animation variations) For Windows OS 2GB RAM required 4GB RAM recommended Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility.



Genre:Violation,Sexual Training,Captivity,Pervert,Rape

Release date:Mar/06/2016