AQUA CUBE (Language: English)!

An action game where you rescue a boy or girl who has been trapped within a cube like aquarium in the water. The game is in full 3D and the only tool that you need to use is your mouse. (keyboard is not needed to play) Environments like the excitement cage or oxygen cage are some of the special characteristics that separates this product from other action puzzle games. This game also includes extras like a short comic, illustrations, and wall hangings. The content of this water borne game is such that fans can be either male or female and still enjoy the contents of this product. This product is created for use of all ages but due to the setting of underwater there are bathing suits and semi-nudity involved so please be aware before buying. ===== Exclusive interview with FoxEye!! ===== FoxEye’s interview is available on: ==============================================




Release date:Jan/21/2009