Bathtime Trouble (English-translated version)!

Story The life of 2 stepsisters paired together under one roof one day The younger sister, possessing a bodily secret was seen naked in the bath by her big sister. Real Time 3D Animation After all is said and done, the specialty of this game is big big boobies! Choose your favorite pair of titties using the Body Select function! The bouncy boobs are drawn with 3D Toon graphics. Use the mouse to control the piston system and any-time ejaculation system! You can also choose Free Sex Mode, specially equipped with a Sex System and practicality in mind. 8 body types have been modeled. Each type of body possesses its own unique actions, climaxing and ejaculation scene. Please see the product’s web page for further information: Running Environment Please see below for the compatible running environment. (Please confirm the compatible running environment of the demo)




Release date:Dec/04/2007