Demon Angel SAKURA vol.4 -The World of SAKURA- for Android!

The grand finale to this popular action franchise is now available on Android!! * Extra content can be 100% unlocked by a button in game * * We have fixed a bug where on certain devices the game would crash due to insufficient memory. As a result the game’s overall performance has improved. * Even so, for devices that still experience poor performance, we have implemented a setting that allows users to play pre-rendered MP4 videos in game during certain scenes rather than rendering those scenes in real time. This setting can be toggled ON & OFF. Experience a wealth of stages and enemies in this grand finale to the popular franchise. Newcomers to the series can catch up with the Summary, so the end is also a great place to begin. Situations include: full body swallowing full body titf*cked by giant monmusu, urethral torment, anal vore, and more! Bosses and minions alike have sex scenes with dialogue. Plus there are shops and items to help you.

Circle:Kokage no Izumi


Genre:Otoko no ko,Nonhuman/Monster Girl,Vore,Anal,Big Breasts,Supersize

Release date:Mar/31/2017