GIRL vs GIRL is a colorful sprite-based platforming action game. Explore the world, slipping past traps and brawling with ero monsters. Get all the treasure and get out of there, if you can! One wrong step and you’re a porn snack. STAFF Scenario, planning ……. Hirokichi Nanakusado Art, character CG ……. Oyatsu mk2 Pixel graphics ……. mo2, Hirokichi Nanakusado Logo, system design ……. Mayoineko Music, BGM ……. Naruto, Yujishi, IKUYA SOUND Programming advisor …….. ASD Character design ……. Akeyuka, Hirokichi Nanakusado Text design ……. Hamukoro CVs: Kurumi Miru, Sasya Shinonome, Aya Kuchitani, Kaoru Ikuta UPDATES ver1.05 -Added right click option to gallery mode icon to toggle between show/hide. ver 1.04 – Added aphrodisiac spray to gallery mode – Fixed bug relating to Shaolin girl and minotaur (levels raise normally) ver 1.03 – Fixed bug relating to 3rd trap equipment caused by ver 1.02 update ver 1.02 – Fixed invisible door bug – Reduced HP damage from certain enemy attacks (slime, kuromaru) – Powered up special items – Powered up trap – Changed trigger for minotaur r*pe attack (no longer relates to money) ver 1.01 – Capture conditions eased (less chance of monster escape) – Reduced attack speed for enemy heavy attacks – Fixed revive bug (can now be revived after Tron stab KO) – Fixed sound bug (plays at proper speed during Meiru dagger KO)



Genre:Collar/Chain/Hamper,Foreign Object,Loli,Warrior,Internal Cumshot,Coercion/Compulsion

Release date:Jun/08/2013