* Overview Become a member of an evil Organization, aimed at defeating Heroines, in this SLG (Simulation Game). Using a variety of monster, fight off the invading Heroines! Enjoy their screams and moans as they echo your base… * Fully controlled by Mouse. * Many monsters and traps to make use! * A Rank and grading system! Aim for an all S clear! ( You can even Tweet your overall result! ) * If you don’t have enough money, make use of the Tip gauge! (Your Rank will lower though!) * Erotic pixel animation for every monster! * 10 HCG for every girl! You can view these in the CG gallery at your leisure. * Clear the game for the pixel gallery! Enjoy the Erotic animation! * Over 10,000 frames of animation were made for this product! Please play the Trial Version before purchase to confirm the game will work. Trial version – in Japanese (readme file and manuals are in English) Full version – in English pixel art by nanashi&ebisen programming by ebisen CG by kyuusuikei snake21jpn music and effects by Muzokusei On-Jin BFXR Rengoku Teien Maou Damashii Orange Lovers voice by Sasya Shinonome Mariko Akatsuki



Genre:Dot/Pixel,Fantasy,Coercion/Compulsion,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex

Release date:Jan/15/2016