Infectious Mansion 2!

Infectious Mansion (Kansen Yashiki) 2 Control two different protagonists and defeat the horrific gore mutants of an infested estate with shotguns, knives, grenades and more in this Exploration Style 2D Action Game! Press keyboard keys LEFT/RIGHT to move, UP to jump, Z to attack, X to evade, S to throw grenades, Space-bar for the Menu (can restore HP & read your Diary) Enemies damage the player by contact, chipping away at her endurance. When she’s vulnerable enough, an erotic scene will commence. Each erotic scene is available for glorious full screen playback via the main screen as a bonus faptastic feature. [STORY] It was only supposed to be a test of courage, Yuki entered the old estate with not a worry in the world and… then the hideous creatures began their assault. Due to a mysterious contagion, Saika’s father has been transformed into a monstrosity and in order to determine the root of this pandemic, with weapons in hand she sets foot into the infectious cesspool of gore… Deep within despair, thus does the madness of two girls cross paths… * Please play the trial version to confirm compatibility. * Recommend purchase with DLsite account for updates.

Circle:Black stain

Categories:Game,Action / Exploration Style 2D Horror Action Game


Release date:Sep/07/2017