Now this piece, from the earliest unquestionable conclusion.
If you like flat bodies, this is a must-buy.
However, since it is a video-based work, you will need a certain amount of machine power, so it would be a good idea to purchase it after trying the trial version in accordance with the official announcement.

First of all, Saya is very kawaii.
She has no sexual knowledge and has an innocent smile.
After a series of “photo shoots,” she gets into a lot of sensitive play, and her inner dirty little boy is awakened. ……
She has a flattened body, but her waist and buttocks are plump and loli.
The characters are all adults with loli bodies, so don’t worry(?). The characters are adults, so don’t worry.

There are two parts to the game: the shooting part, in which you interact with a small number of choices, and the dress-up part, in which various elements are opened up as you progress and purchase items.
When you select a locked option, the conditions for opening it are clearly indicated.
You will need to remember which shooting will lead you to that play, but I think you will be able to open it up quickly and easily without getting swamped to that extent.

As of 20221109, I was able to open almost all of them, leaving the part waiting for an update.
I’ve been wanting to shag a lot during the process, but I’ve been holding back a lot while I’ve been going along thinking “I’ll open it up to some extent first”. ……
Thanks to you, it was the first time in a long time that I had such a long and powerful ejaculation.
I was so excited that I was able to cum until my testicles were empty.
I know it sounds like a “terrible impression” even though I’m saying it myself, but it’s true! But it’s the truth!
If I had been mistaken and it had been full voice, I might have had a red ball come out.

There are some parts of the UI that bother me, but there will be updates, so I’ll just have to hope for the best.
Anyway, it has a high level of practicality, and 5 stars is definitively obvious!

Is this really possible?
This is an extremely erotic IV simulation game.
The immersive experience of thoroughly defiling an innocent and ignorant loli is one-of-a-kind.
The experience is so good that it should be tried by all human beings.

The game is full of U15’s IV elements such as soda ice cream, mysterious striped candies, front paste, and oddly fashionable BGM, and I feel that they are very particular about it. However, it is also surreal that all they are doing is something that is unbecoming of IV.
It is a bit surreal, but it is also a bit surreal. I even felt a sense of dependability from the director, who shows us just what is beyond the “I wish I could go one step further to the extreme” fantasy that is peculiar to IV.

If your PC specs are suitable, I highly recommend this film.

IV? AV!!
IV? AV!!
IV? AV!!
IV? AV!!
IV? AV!!

The erotic scenes are of a pure and innocent Lolita who is clueless about sex, and is given a lot of sex in the course of a photo shoot. At first, the heroine responds in a way that matches her appearance and gives honest (and ignorant) answers to the questions she is asked, but as the action goes on, she transforms into a dirty girl who wants to feel good aggressively.

It is not only the animation, which will be discussed below, that raises the level of this duskiness. The contribution of the heroine’s dialogue text must also be evaluated. The heroine’s dialogue is full of sincere enjoyment of sex, but without a certain vulgarity that is often associated with lewdness, which is a unique point. However, there is also some immoral dialogue, such as when the heroine’s classmates are studying at school and the heroine is having sex in a love hotel.
Even though this is only dialogue text, it is highly praiseworthy for its ability to multiply the eroticism by such supplementary effects.

The animation is smooth, and the soft, plush appearance of the body is just what is needed. This, combined with the SE of comic notes and breath, the effect of a body on fire, and the use of oyster characters, succeeds in expressing a “body” that trembles with pleasure.
In particular, the differential changes depending on what kind of action was performed, and after strenuous exercise, the body sweats profusely. Not only does she get her whole body wet, but she also has a drop in the hollow of her armpit, which is so well drawn that it reminds us of her genitalia.