Lord of the Seal!

Overview: Forest City Ragl. A sprawling forest lies in that land. Some seek fortune, others seek fame. All seek it in the labyrinth. They risk their lives to get it. And I will do so too… Features: Grid based first person RPG. 6 PT characters, dungeon crawling. 12 playable characters. Warrior :A knight trusting in their body. Crusader :A knight shielding others. Fencer :A swordsman possessing strength and skill. Chaser :A ranger who reads the path ahead. Dark Knight :Those who have sworn themselves to darkness. Enchanter :A knight wielding macigal powers. Hunter :A nimble hunter. Felpurr :Those without a care in the world. Magician :A researcher of the magical arts. Cleric :A priest healing the wounded. Druid :One who mutters curses. Mystic :An eccentric wizard. Over 450 items Over 120 different enemy types Over 200 character skills Old classic style game. now version 1.032




Release date:Sep/17/2015