My Church!

*STORY Once upon a time, there was a little church in a remote area. Passing travelers would ask to sleep inside. But the number of rooms was limited. Robbers and evil ones would disguise themselves and try to enter the church. Choosing the right ones is important to the manager. *CONTENTS Play as the priest or the nun. Only allow good travelers to enter the church. You must use your judgement to protect your place. But sometimes, you could also use the robbers… There are 14 events and endings in total, 6 of which are animated H scenes. *NOTICES Nun and drugs are not available in the trial version. Please read the How To Play guide in the trial. Please play the trial to confirm compatibility before purchase. Recommend purchase with a registered member account for access to patches, updates. Only text inside the cursor is translated into English.




Release date:Mar/22/2015