This work is a VR simulation game of which the purpose is to deliver you the virtual experience of Nyotaimori, an ancient tradition of Japan reinterpreted with the unique worldview. Enjoy the immoral feelings of plating food on your favorite woman’s body. * Real Time 3D Model enables you to touch every corner of her body In this work all parts of woman’s body are the subject of physical touch, that makes it all feel quite realistic. * Well Organized Character Making You can adjust the proportion of woman’s body in detail. Furthermore, her posing and emotions are also under your control. Enjoy Nyotaimori with your ideal woman. * Cook and Eat, That’s Nyotaimori You can make Nyotaimori with your favorite food. The plated food can be eaten by licking her body. Enjoy her response to licking and changing emotional states. * VR Compatible Hybrid Program This work can be enjoyed without using VR device. * Currently supported device is only Oculus Rift.




Release date:Sep/30/2017