The previous Harlem Trigger showed a horrible level of perfection, and this one came out 4 years later!
It is still as horribly finished as ever! In fact, some parts have already been enhanced!

In addition, a lot of CQC has been introduced from the beginning! All of them are of very high quality, and we can say that we are very satisfied with the content!

Especially, and this is completely my personal preference, but I’m glad that there are a lot of size fetish chiches…! The number of stages itself is small, but there are enough CQC to make me, as a size fetishist, jump up and down with joy!
Of course, the main M-type chiche is also highly complete and plentiful, so don’t worry! The sounds are naughty… the motions are naughty…

The sound is sexier… the motion is sexier… and the game is wonderfully made, but there are two drawbacks. One is that you get easily intoxicated. This is the fate of all FPS games, but the screen goes “wham, wham”. There is probably no gimmick that kills those who are susceptible to screen-sickness like the jump platform in the previous title, but play the demo version to see if you are OK! Good luck to those of you who do get sick…

Second, some of the stages! There are many, but as an example, there are several maze-like stages that you can get lost in. If you find a stage where you feel lost after you buy the game, make sure to look around you while moving! Worst case scenarios can be skipped with money as in the previous game, so if you can’t clear a stage, just use your money power to clear it! Only money can win!

In summary, I can guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the price, but be sure to try the demo version before you buy! It is possible that you may not have the right specs for the game, as well as for the drunkenness! Thank you, author, for a great game, both in terms of gameplay and sex!
Also, if you liked this one, please check out the previous one as well! I read in a review that there is not enough CQC, but there is enough now!

There are a variety of etch-a-sketch motions that I think can be enjoyed by all kinds of people. My favorite motion is kissing. My favorite point is that a hickey appears every time you kiss. The difficulty level is easy at first, but it becomes much more difficult and challenging in the middle. And you can see the etch-a-motion you have seen so far in the gallery. There you can customize the girls to your liking. You can tweak the size and softness of the boobs, facial expressions, voices, outfits, and much more. The story is interesting, the action is challenging, and the game is a lot of fun.
I think it’s worth buying!

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
It is a doujin game, but it is a really high quality work that goes beyond the realm of a doujin game.
The game can be finished in a day, but there are many challenging elements and three levels of difficulty: easy, normal, and difficult.

There are also a number of status-related elements such as purchasing weapons and raising the level of the game, so even after clearing the game, I was able to enjoy the game quite a bit.

Furthermore, the game itself is not a monotonous FPS game, but has mini-games here and there, such as TPS perspective, tank battles, coloring games like Splatoon, and dodging games like Undertale.

Furthermore, there are plenty of dress-up elements, and all of the characters can be combined in all of the situations and outfits that appear in the game.
At this stage, the price is more than reasonable.

Unfortunately, although there are many dress-up elements, and even more situations, the costumes are not applied on their own in some places,

For example, there are socks (tabi) and slippers, but when giving a foot job, the girls are always barefoot. For those who expect shoe and sock jobs, it was disappointing to see the lack of freedom.

There are not so many kinds of pants and bras, so I have the impression that they focus on sex in clothes.

I really hope that the next work will be a student version of the previous work in this quality.

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
To explain this work simply, it is a completely 18-no-contraband version of Gyan Cancer.
The only difference between this work and Gyan Gan is the presence or absence of battle vehicles.
The difficulty level can be selected, so even those who are not good at shooting games can enjoy it.
The bosses show that there is a defeat scene, but it was not particularly different from the finish at the mob.
The best part is that you can create a girl of your choice in the locker room and play with her.
The destructive power of the giant tits in this game is awesome!

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
First of all, regarding the visuals and animation, I love situations in which I am attacked by a group of girls, and I think that this game in particular has increased the “feeling of being attacked by a group of girls”.
For example, the naughty motions (CQC system) that are triggered when you are caught by a girl are now “triggered in coordination with the surrounding girls,” a change that I personally like very much.
(In the previous version, I sometimes felt that the number of girls had suddenly increased…) (In the previous work, I sometimes felt that the number of girls had suddenly increased…)
In other details, the girls also move not in a straight line but in a line to avoid bullets, which gives the illusion that “the girls are thinking as they attack”. It is wonderful that it is so well thought out.

Next, regarding the voices, I was glad to see that the number of lines had increased, but the best part was that the girls often called me “pervert,” which is a key word. I was very intrigued by the situation where a group of girls called me a “pervert”.

Lastly, as a fan of “school” stories, I prefer the Japanese style of the previous “Haremu Torigari” to the Japanese style of this game, but this point was also taken care of well.
What’s more, there are items that change all the girls into school swimsuits and gym uniforms. I was impressed by the way the company has devised a way to meet the various needs of the audience.
It is hard to advance the stage because there are so many things going on.

To be honest, the power-up from the previous work was so good that I even wondered if a remake of “Haremu Torigari” would be released. (Of course, the previous work is a very great work in its own right.)
I look forward to being exposed to many more works by Shikishi-Sofutua-sama in the future.

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
I’m going up against a girl who thinks only of erotic things with a fushigi ray gun! Sometimes I am left at her mercy!
This is a legitimate evolution of the previous work [Haremu-torigaa! is a legitimate evolution of the previous work

Graphically, the entire game is beautiful!
The 3D models of the women are very dirty, of course!
The backgrounds of the maps and the visuals of the guns are also very elaborate. Reloading is cool!
This time, the setting is Edo, a time in the past, so the women are dressed in kimonos and ninja costumes.
The women’s costumes include kimonos, ninja costumes, miko uniforms, and so on (gym uniforms and school swimsuits are also available!).
Many attractive main characters, such as “Nojarori” and “Ponkotsu Kunoichi,” appear in the game.

As for the shooting part, it is not just an FPS, as was the case with the previous title.
It is not only a simple FPS, but also has fixed weapons, vehicle controls, and dodging games.
I chose the difficulty level mainly on “hard” and retry sometimes.
However, even if you walk to the end of the map, there are only money, HP recovery or ammunition, so there is not much merit in walking around.
I’m a nature to look for collectibles and stuff like that…,
In other words, you don’t have to make any detours, so you can play quickly and stress-free!

As for the eroticism, you can switch between the subjective camera and the 3rd person camera! It’s really good!
When it comes to kissing and puffing, the destructive power of the subjective camera is tremendous!
There are scenes that change depending on the number of people in the scene, such as “one person sucking a cock” and “triple sucking a cock”.
You can enjoy out-of-the-ordinary situations such as “full-body titjob by a huge girl”!
And the best part is that you can view these scenes in the gallery!
You can freely set the appearance of the women and their outfits, and replay them as many times as you like (there is also a random button if it’s too much trouble).
In other words, you can’t complain about the eroticism, it’s a perfect score of 100!

I think you will understand the fun of this game as soon as you actually touch it.
Please start with the demo version to see how it works, and then throw yourself into the world of “Oedo Torigaga! Please try the demo version to see how it works!

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
The total clear time is about 5 hours.
It is a FPS game in which a group of lascivious ladies attack you.
The best part is that there are giant girls too, which I can’t stand.

The action is basically FPS, with the occasional bird’s eye view.
You can choose the difficulty level. However, some stages are not so difficult, so you have to do your best.

The eroticism is perfect, and you can get squeezed by the 3D moving images.
You can also choose the first-person perspective, which is really nice.
Moreover, you can edit your favorite girl in the “locker room” and have her attack you.
Practicality is also outstanding.
You can even become one with the giant Midori.

The strategy is a bit tricky.
I think there will be a strategy site soon, so I will not say anything about it.
I think it is more interesting to do trial-and-error by yourself, so let’s go ahead with your libido.

In summary, if you want to be attacked and squeezed by a big sister, I especially recommend it.

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
I didn’t have high expectations for a doujinshi FPS, but I was disappointed in a good way.
The game progresses on a mission basis, so the tempo is good and you get carried away.
The girls who appear in the game are cute, and even when randomly generated, there are no strange girls.
When you are not used to the game, you are desperate not to be knocked down, but as you get used to it, you will intentionally get caught by the girls and ask them to do naughty things to you.

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
To put it bluntly, this is a game that takes the erotic brakes off of Gyaru-X-Gun.
As for the Edo element, it is better not to think too hard.

The feature of the game is that you can take off your clothes when you shoot enemies with a gun. It is erotic, but you don’t have time to worry about it during the game.
I set the difficulty level to “difficult” and it was reasonably difficult and challenging, and there were some annoying parts such as the judging of hits in the vs. giant woman battle, but there were a variety of stages other than FPS and overall the game was enjoyable.

The erotic scenes, which are the main feature of the game, are not reversed for the male audience. There are also threesomes and foursomes.

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
First of all, I am very satisfied.

It took me a little over 8 hours to complete the whole game including the EX stage.
There are three levels of difficulty: easy, normal, and difficult, and the score is divided accordingly.
There are options to upgrade weapons, projectiles, etc., and which system to use.
I was somewhat used to playing FPS, so I played all the stages on difficult difficulty, and it felt just right.

As for eroticism, there is a changing room (free mode) and you can make up your own character, which gives you a lot of freedom.
Also, I spent a lot of time in the game because the motions in the locker room are released after defeating the bosses in each stage.
I am satisfied with the game.

As for the strategy, basically, it is easier to proceed if you strengthen the player’s strength and movement speed, because it makes it easier to avoid the girl’s attacks.
I also used single-shot, high-powered items, including my initial equipment, rather than continuous-fire weapons.
ADS (weapon peeking) will slow down your movement speed and increase the chance of being attacked or captured, so I recommend ADSing for a moment and then flicking to fire.

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women
As I have a fetish for giant girls, I will mainly touch on this element.
This work deals with giant girls in 3d, and it is very good that the H-scenes are inclusive (even physically).
The first is that the main character shrinks to about 1/3 of the girl’s size, and the girl’s motherhood is described to be strengthened, making the content of play more like oneshota, which is similar to baby play.
Secondly, there is a scene in which the girl side becomes huge and the main character becomes about the size of the palm of his hand.
This may be the main part of the game in terms of giant girls.
The main contents of the game are tits, dildo handling, swallowing, and in-utero-return (up to insertion).

In summary, from the perspective of a giant girl, despite the first-person viewpoint mentioned above, the feeling of being wrapped by a big girl, being treated partly like a baby, and most importantly, the ability to freely customize the girl in the gallery and produce any H-scene you like, are highly appreciated.

Oedo Trigger!! - Harem Hell ! Chased by a hord of lascivious women